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Approximately how many connections per second could a MySQL server with 64mb of memory handle?

Asked by richardhenry (12664points) March 23rd, 2008

The majority of which would be SELECT queries, with a limited number of INSERT and even less UPDATE queries. None of the queries involve the joining of tables.

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Nevermind. The answer is between 1200/sec and 2000/sec, but obviously dependent on the load of the request.

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I can’t image it being anywhere close to that high with 64 megs of ram.

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These are from tests I ran on a Media Temple server, and it got to about that before I got my Burst Container warning. Maybe I made a mistake, but these are the results I got. The query was:


SELECT * FROM mysqltest WHERE id=‘1’


Which was a table with three columns and 100 rows. Obviously, if this table had more rows or columns the capacity would be less.

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well if you used that statement you where only selecting 1 row. Correct?

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Correct. It seems that I was able to repeat that query 1436 times in one second, until I was flagged with a Burst Container warning and the server stopped responding until the next second commenced.

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But that was only 1 connection. I won’t how the results would vary with many concurrent connections. Pretty interesting. What were you using to test with?

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Hmm I didn’t really think about that. I was basically looping connect, query, disconnect so they obviously weren’t synchronous. It was a test using PHP, so it probably wasn’t 100% reliable in terms of execution speed… interesting to get a rough idea though. I threw the file away once I was finished with it, I should have kept it and posted the script here. Shouldn’t be too hard to replicate though.

I continually measured the microtime since the request had begun, logging the microtime when each query occurred and once the total microtime reached just under one second I stopped the test.

The queries seemed to stop taking place about 300 microseconds before the second was up, so I suspected that the connections were being somehow limited. So I repeated the test with a two second duration, and sure enough there was a gap when connections were refused until the next second began.

Each time I ran this test I received an email from Media Temple warning me that my MySQL server had entered a Burst Container and that I should consider upgrading.

It’s important to note that these tests were performed on an (mt) server… and that the results may be different with different setups. Media Temple have a very individual server setup as far as I’m aware.


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