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Where can i buy these lights?

Asked by lewispratt (213points) August 12th, 2010

i’ve seen these lights on a website but there’s no link to where to buy them!! anyone know where i can get them? there spotlights powered by using crocodile clips to attach one wire to positive and one to negative.

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I have no idea, but you can contact the guy who owns the ones in the picture.
Here’s his Flickr account

I also happen to know that you can buy similar stuff on IKEA

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thanks very much, looks like alot of other people are asking but he’s avoided the question lol. i’ll give it a go! nice one!

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Are those 120vac lights, or 12vdc? If 120vac, those bare wires strung along the ceiling are dangerous.

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i read on his flickr that there very low voltage LEDs and even touching both wires at the same time doesnt give you a shock.

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If they work like the IKEA ones do, then there’s an adapter than lowers the voltage, It barely hurts to touch them both.

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