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What is the most precious to you?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) August 12th, 2010

Title says it all. what’s the most precious to you? There is a limit of 5 things MAX. So what’s most precious to you? These are mine:


The fifth one is unknown of yet. I want to make the 5th one count. But what are your five or less?

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1. My friends.
2. My family.
3. Being economically stable.
4. My education.
5. Thought.

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1. My boys
2. My man
3. My faith.
4. Knowledge
5. My health

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My daughter and grandchildren
My mind/life
Family, both chosen and blood.
Books, mostly old
Exquisite fabric
There’s much, much more…

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My Health
My faith
My books
The dogs

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My CD collection

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My knowledge, a career I will hopefully have and do well at, and my financial stability.

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1. my overall well-being (mental, emotional, physical health, that I stay grounded and true to myself)
2. my family
3. my girl
4. my pets

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The people that I love and my memories.

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@perspicacious I lurve “my memories” now I want to add a number six!

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Not in order of importance

1. My family
2. My health
3. My friends
4. My cat
5. My blankey

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@SuperMouse—At the end of the day they may be the most important thing we have.

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My memory
My sons
My eyesight

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1. My being true to myself
2. The people I love
3. My creativity
4. My memories
5. My here and now

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My mind. I know it’s corny, but eh. I don’t want pills, psychiatric interference or finding Jesus.

My beer. Sad, contradicting and bad, but true.

My horror movies. I basically exist to watch horror.

Pillows. The only true source of comfort I’ve ever known, and that goes beyond the physical aspects, believe it or not.

Video games.

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(restraining from saying “The Ring of Power!”)

My Faith
My Family
My Country
My retirement home
A gift my mom gave me (a Maltese Falcon copy)

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My Family
My Faith
My Memories
My Future
My Pets

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I think a lot like my friend Filmfann!


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My family.
My health.
My friends.
My education.
My memories.

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1. Liberty
2. Life
3. Other people
4. History
5. Books

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1. My kids
3. My wife
5. My zest for life
4. My friends
2. My numerical prowess.

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1. my husband
2. my pets
3. nature (including everything from the sound of birds to a beautiful day, trees, rain, fresh air, everything)
4. friends (i only have 1 real life one worth mentioning here though) and family (they kind of fall into the same category for me)
5. my ability to find things that i enjoy doing (haha, i had to make this one wide enough to include many things, from reading or doing hobbies or whatever catches my fancy – things that i love doing)

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My love, my children, my future, my freedom, my health.

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Oh yes, my health!! How could i forget? :0 Ok, i’m going to regroup my husband and pets under point number 1, and make point number 2 my and my family’s and pet’s health. :)

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In order
1. Music
2. Future fiance (yes i have him picked out :) )
3. Love
4. My job
5. Living a good life

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