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How hard is it to find an orthodontist in Central America?

Asked by lilikoi (10079points) August 12th, 2010

While my ortho here at home would stabilize everything, I was planning a long-ish-term trip and anticipate minor maintenance (like replacing a bracket that pops off) may be an issue.

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Not very hard at all, unless you’re in a small town.

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Yes for sure. Readily available if you are in a developed area, just check the credentials. Many people have the idea that central and south America are completley undevelopped but that’s not the case at all there actually is development in many areas with orthodontist, dentist, doctors, accupuncturist, physiotherapists, psychaiatrist you name it!

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Central America covers a lot of countries. Anyway, I agree with the people above, you should have no problem. My husband had braces as a child in Mexico 30 years ago. I never had anything pop off when I had braces, why do you anticipate that happening?

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it is as hard (or easy) as any other place in the world

(Mexico is north america…)

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@bob_ Thanks, good to know.

@sweetie432 Thanks. My impression from what I know – although I’ve never been yet – is that it is quite developed, but I just wasn’t sure what I should expect.

@JLeslie Yes – I was going to backpack through most of them so didn’t want to get too specific. Thanks for sharing, that is good to know. I’ve had a few brackets pop off over the past year (and I am very careful about what I eat). Just came back from a 3 week trip and had two pop off during that time.

@max_gutierrez Indeed…Wanted to include because southern Mexico is geographically attached to Guatemala and Belize…and it would be easier to hop over there than fly back home.

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