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Which vegetable you just hate no matter what?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) August 13th, 2010

What vegetable is on your “I hate” list? Me it is mostly leafy green ones like spinach, collard greens, and such, makes me feel as if I was some cow of horse grazing in a field. But okra, squash, black eyed peas, and such are not much better. If there is a good vegetable it would have to be the potato which I love or corn, carrots are good too if steamed right. Some hated a certain vegetable when they were young but now love it. Had you made peace with any of your “I hate” list vegatables?

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This has been my 5000th response.

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I mostly love vegatables.

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Okra. We grew it in our garden when I was a child. I hated picking it off the plant. I hated washing it. I hated cutting it. I hated dredging it in cornmeal. I hated frying it.

And more than anything, I hated eating it, and still do.

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Over the years I’ve grown to really like vegetables, but I’m not very fond of cauliflower, peas, celery or carrots. I absolute loathe sauerkraut which I believe is made from cabbage.

I pan fry asparagus, squash, zucchini, peppers and broccoli all the time.
I also really like artichoke.

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Fuckin’ cauliflower. Those abstinence only folks in middle school made me swear it off forever.

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@hawaii_jake & @Hypocrisy_Central I don’t like Okra either.

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Man, I love okra. I find it interesting. :) But another vegetable I don’t like is a raw tomato. Tomatoes are excellent and go well in many different foods, but to just bite into a raw tomato like my dad does? Gross. Don’t like that flavor at all.

Also, I don’t particularly “hate” spinach or those leafy-green ones, I just find them boring as all get out. I’ll still eat them for the health factor, though. Brussels sprouts are also just as bad as most cartoons made them seem.

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I love fresh veggies, but canned. Nasty. I love fresh spinach. I absolutely hate canned spinach, and it reeks.

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For me joint first prize goes to beetroot and to cooked celery. A pallid sweat appears as I type . . . . .

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I hate radishes and turnips.

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I was going to say jalapeño, but I just found out it is a fruit.

In that case I’ll go with artichoke. Not that I don’t like them, really, but they are just too much trouble to eat.

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I hate brussel sprouts.

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Any thing squash. shudders It was years before I could eat a pumpkin pie again after finding out that pumpkin is a squash. shudders again

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I am not very fond of rutabagas.

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Bok Choi….What’s up with that???

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George W Bush, too easy?

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I don’t hate any.

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@dotlin Not as easy as that Turnip we have for President! ;)

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Stephen Hawking, I mean just that voice alone.

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@ucme monkey slap

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@jjmah “Get your hands off me you damn dirty ape!” :¬)

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Brussle sprouts.

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Cooked peas and carrots are the only vegetables I dislike. I can handle carrots when I have to, especially when cooked with roast, but cooked peas I can’t eat plain or mixed in with other foods I do enjoy, like fried rice. I

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Asparagus. I can finally now eat it, but it still tastes like freshly cut grass.

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Green bell peppers.

And okra. Fried okra can be okay though.

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Don’t like any okra. None. Zero. Zip. No way, no how. Nasty. And I don’t know why that is, as I like mussels and oysters and such.

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Wait! I have never tried okra. It could be okra then.

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@jjmah You’ll have to try it and report back. I like it in gumbo or if it is battered and fried, but when it is just steamed, it’s very slimy. Ick.

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I love all veggies, but I absolutely can not eat any vegetable out of a can, no matter what it is.

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I hate all vegetables. They are a terrible invasion force which must be wiped out completely. I am actually starting an anti-veggie rally. Film at 11.

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Lettuce and onions. They ruin everything.

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Cauliflower. CAULIFLOWER. CAULIFLOWER! So effing terrible!

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I love cauliflower. And broccoli. Hmm.

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I am so totally with @DominicX. Eggplant: my worst food enemy!

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Peas are just nasty.

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Onions! They are the devil in veggie form. I absolutely hate them. I hate the smell, the taste, the crunch… ugh, I’m gagging just thinking about it. There’s not much I hate in this world more than onions.
I also dislike Brussels sprouts, raw carrots (though I love steamed or stewed carrots), cauliflower, and steamed spinach (but I like fresh spinach leaves in salads).

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I love all veggies except for radishes. My fiance, the picky eater who hates most veggies, ,actually likes radishes. Figures.

I used to hate a lot of vegetables as a kid. Onions, bell peppers, mushrooms. But now I like all of them.

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@zannajune you just reminded me of mushrooms. I hate them so much I forgot about them. ugh!

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I just cannot tolerate a raw onion. I run when someone mentions it’s going in my next meal.

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Beets and gobs of cooked spinache. Blech!

I love raw spinache salad and spinache (sp) dip, spinache quiche, spinache in soups, but not just a pile of slimey cooked spinache. lol

Beets are just nasty, maybe raw, but pickled, or in anything else…yuck!

Other than these two I love all my veggies!

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How can anyone hate onions???!!!! :0

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Celery & those crunchy bean sprouts (that are always in my damn pad thai)... I feel like every kid hates brussel sprouts and I suddenly started to love them a few years ago. I was eating brussel sprout everything. Someone suggested that Whole Foods made an amazing prepared dish with these lil green suckers so naturally, I ran to WF and got it. I got soooo sick, I haven’t touched a brussel sprout since :(

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I like brussel sprouts with mayonaise.

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I’m with @DominicX, eggplant is just foul.

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@MoxieGal @wundayatta The texture of eggplant is a big part of why I don’t like it. I had this szechuan tofu dish that had eggplant in it. The eggplant was just this gooey gross crap that I just ending up picking out. Who would want that? It has no redeeming qualities. :) Peppers and tomatoes are much better Solanum fruit.

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eggplant ‘giggle’. You guys have a strange name for the Aubergine.

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Die Aubergine sounds better. I hate eggs, so I why would I want it in fruit form? lol

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@DominicX – for me it’s the smell of it while it’s cooking (and the taste). I have to leave the room.

@ragingloli – “A rose by another other name.. would still stink!” LOL

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Actually, I’d rather call it Aubergine. :)

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There is only one vegetable I cannot bear and that’s Okra. Nasty slimy stuff. I’m not keen on peas either, but I’ll eat them if they’re on my plate. Everyhing else, I love, Even brussels sprouts.

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Oh yes…how could I forget Okra…ewww, unless it is in soup sparingly. Also forgot I am not a fan of Lima beans either, again, unless they are scattered lightly in a soup.

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Beets and Brussels Sprouts

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@Coloma I’ve never tried Lima beans but you reminded me of another one I can’t stand. Butterbeans. I hate them so much I forgot they were a vegetable. :)

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peppers, not so much or eggplant peppers give me heartburn, the mayor next door makes some awesome eggplant parm.
I dont love green beans. That’s probably the worst.
and artichokes were bleeky til lately. what is a sunchoke?

I love okra, beets, brussel sprouts, bean sprouts, limas, peas, red cabbage. garbanzos.

@jjmah you can do okra, by boiling adding, salt, butter and hot sauce.
I was taught that by Bob Palmer, the music critic and dear friend
slimy, but tasteful

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Sprouts and courgette… Yuck!

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Oooh, I can’t stand lima beans!


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all beans are godly. i love beans so much.

eggplant is good if you make it into a patty and fry it! otherwise, no thank you.

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I dislike potatoes. Too starchy and potatoey.

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Am I the only one who actually really likes okra??

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@Samantha_Rae No, I love okra, and I have a delicious gumbo recipe that I use. This one is very similar.

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Lima beans are like small green versions of Butterbeans…must be the same family line from that rank beanstalk. lolol

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I never would have figured people hate onions almost as much as okra and even with cauliflower and more than beets and Brussels sprouts. Onions make a whole lot of things taste better, I am with @NaturallyMe how can anyone hate onions? The count seems to be:

Okra 6
Onions & cauliflower 5
Celery & eggplant 4
Lima beans, peas, Brussels sprouts, and beets 3 Who would have thought them worse than spinach?

I have to be almost totally with @mowens all vegetables are the top of evil. However, there are those one can accept like onions, potatoes God gift of vegetables, corn, carrots if steamed, and yams or sweet potatoes.

But it can most universally be seen that canned veggies are not as good as fresh, taste or condition wise better get out your cash for the Farmer’s Market.

Lesson learned? Dump the rabbit food and go for a big juice burger with cheese, mayo, and grilled onions only.

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I hate broccoli, cabbage, squash, avocados the most.

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@Mom2BDec2010 I’m not a fan of avocados either. However, they are a fruit.

@Hypocrisy_Central Nice tally and recap!

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Turnip greens, collard greens, all of it. Gross.

I dig spinach as an ingredient in other things, or uncooked as a salad, but I hate the feeling of eating a plateful of boiled leaves. Yuck.

I love veggies – brussels sprouts, lima beans, cauliflower, okra… it’s all delicious.

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Cooked carrots and sweet potatoes.
Following is a Parmesan Cauliflower recipe:
Put a cake of frozen C in a small frypan with butter.
Turn it over when it becomes golden.
When it’s soft sprinkle on ¼ parmesan cheese, S&P.

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@Aster Just save a burger toss a salad as in toss out.

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I like fresh spinach in salad very much but cooked? Yech!!
My daughter makes it this way: she boils canned spinach with lots of butter and garlic powder. Yech!!

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Garlic POWDER? Do they not have real garlic where you live?
(It is pribably not even real butter…)

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@ragingloli Or real spinach? My husband will eat tinned spinach right out of the can like he’s freaking Popeye. He’s not allowed to do the grocery shopping anymore.

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