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What's the best lure for catching Salmon?

Asked by ilovepie (4points) August 13th, 2010 from iPhone

Were going fishing tomorrow and were new to fishing. What’s the best lure to catch salmon? Thanks!

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The one that is in the water! I have always done well with white/blue streamers with a spinner or two on the leader on a planner board trolled while sipping an ice cold beer. The beer part is the most important part because inevitably a fish strikes while you are leaning over the cooler to grab another. Works every time! 4”-6” Deep divers in what ever color looks prettiest to you are good as well.

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Had more luck with a pink and chrome spinner that moves in the water. salmon are attracted to pink for some reason. if they are hungry enough, they will strike at anything that moves and shines.

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Salmon are cannibalistic and love eating salmon eggs.
Salmon eggs are sold ready-to-go as bait:

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Depends on where you’re fishing for them. In open water, like on the Great Lakes, spoons and flies are great. While trolling, use a Dodger about 4 feet in front of a “Monkey Puke” or “Blue Dolphin” spoon. In rivers, use spinners or spawn, just like GeorgeGee suggested.
Good Luck!

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BTW, next year around August, Pink salmon will come again. They only like pink lures. For others, we use shiny metal artificial bait, or cut a herring in half, and hook it on so it spins. HTH

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