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Who's the latest jelly to reach the 10K mark and join the mansion?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36550points) August 13th, 2010

Join me in congrats for Blackberry for hitting the 10K mark. Champagne all around. (Idiot that I am I spelled champagne wrong)

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You were stalking him, buddy. :)

Happy 10K!! I always appreciate your honest posts (with a touch of humor)!! Yay!

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I enjoy your contributions! May the party start!

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Nicely done with achieving 10,000 lurve dipped donuts. You don’t have to share, but don’t eat them all at once – you’ll get a fat head.

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Congratulations! Love your wit and wisdom. To get the party started, lets get the champagne out!

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Congrats to a smart and funny guy!

Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of Blackberries!

Does anyone know that you are a closet meteorologist?

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O.o Uhm, thanks guys : ) I love Champagne.

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You crack me up on a regular basis. Congrats, man!

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Congrats I’ve just entered the mansion too :)

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I so wanted to ask this question. I had a cute little question with its cute little details section all written out. BOO. D:

Anyway, Popeye would be proud! :D

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Congrats on the 10 Grand Sir! Job well done!!

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Congrats, Blackberry! You’ve had a lot to offer fluther! Keep up the good work.

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Ho’omaikai! (Congratulations!) Here. Have a fresh coconut.

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Congratulations, @Blackberry! You are a unique voice and a great addition to the collective. It is well-deserved.

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Very much deserved. Congrats!

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Congrats! That was fast. :-)

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Congratulations :)

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Congrats to a well-spoken jelly! Welcome to the mansion!!

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Oh oh….it’s Friday the 13th, does this mean the mansion is haunted?

The ghost of Blackberry forever jangling his chains through the halls of fluther. lol

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@Coloma I didn’t even think of that. We’ve cursed him and the mansion

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Congratulation! You’re one of the best here.

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Lol….this is strange. Strangers congratulating me, it’s pretty cool, thanks everyone. Although Fluther is not letting me GA people anymore, what’s up with that? I guess I ran out for the day.

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It’s a sign you’ve crossed over….woooooooooo!

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Oh, nevermind, it’s working again ^^b

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Dude let’s go cruising for MILF’s, wadda ya say?

Oh yeah, grats on the 10k ;)

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@FutureMemory I love MILFs, I am so in…....I want the Italian one….lol.

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Congratulations Blackberry! You’re such a great flutherer!

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Congrats, @Blackberry! Thanks for being here :)

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@le_inferno Thanks, I like being here ^^b

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Leave it to a fun and friendly sailor to make a big splash in these waters and reach the 10k milestone so quickly. Congratulations @Blackberry…..I salute you! Welcome to the mansion….full speed ahead!
See ya…....Gary/wtf
PS: You and @FutureMemory have fun but stay away from the MILF I married….she has a weakness for uniforms!

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WTG Blackberry!! my smart young hot sailor stud!!!

10 K all the WAY!

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Congrats! You’ve been a great addition to Fluther. :)

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Congrats @Blackberry you hit 10k!
Enjoy the mansion, and party like a rockstar!

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Hot Spit! Congratulations!

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Awesomeness! You totally deserve it!

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Congratss @Blackberry , I’ll always have a soft spot for you, you were the first to answer my first question on my first day… Thanks…

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@JilltheTooth :D You’re welcome.

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Wow, didn’t see this quick enough! Congrats on 10K! It really is a big thing, and you have every reason to brag about it to friends who don’t understand why you would be on a geeky website and be proud of it!

is that the voice of experience?

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How did I miss this?

Congrats @Blackberry! A well deserved accomplishment!

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@KatawaGrey You must be slipping.

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Congrats, @Blackberry! I’m sure you’ll be a berry great addition to the 10k mansion!

Haha, I’m so punny.

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Better late than never to wish a class—A jelly CONGRATULATIONS. We get champagne instead of beer…what a guy.

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Congratulations! Very nicely done!

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Congrats @Blackberry! Great job :-)

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Oh, dude! Congrats, @Blackberry! Happy 10K day!

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Mazel Tov.

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I’m late! Congrats, BlackBerry!!

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Again this is so yooooootta, zeeeeeetta, eeeeeexa, peeeeeeta, teeeeeera, giiiiiiga, meeeeeega coooooool ! !! !!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!

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That for sure ISN’T me :)

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