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Does anyone know why do the shift keys on my hp dv9000 not work?

Asked by yoshiboshi (359points) August 13th, 2010

On my hp dv9000 laptop, I replaced the key board with a brand new one, reformatted with different operating systems, tried a linux live cd, and re-installed the drivers. still, nothing. The shift keys, both, just do not work.

Weird thing is, when I put in an external keyboard the shift keys work on that, which confuses me even more. It makes me want to say it is not software related, but hardware related, but if it were, than the whole entire keyboard should not work.

I tried contacting hp, but all they told me was to send the computer in to them or take it to geek squad, which I refuse to do since I have computer knowledge already and I am fully capable of fixing it myself… if I knew what the problem was.

I was hoping some one might be able to give me some ideas ;/

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How does the keyboard connect to the motherboard? If it’s one of those flat ribbon cables you may want to open it back up and make sure the ribbon is fully in the socket thing on both sides.

For me, I usually don’t push the lock thing all the way on both sides and one side can pull out slightly when I put it all back together.

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Try cleaning the key’s. If possible you might be able to remove it and clean it and put it back on. Also maybe try remapping the shift key.

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