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Why is the word "cool" still such a popular word used today?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) August 13th, 2010

Way back in the 60’s, the word “cool” was used to describe an object or a situation that was readily acceptable to us. Time and fads have come and gone, but the word “cool” is still around and used today as much as ever. Question: So, how many times a day do you use the word “cool” and why is this word still around? Examples appreciated.

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You raise a really good point. Words like “neat” and “swell” left, but what’s so special about “cool”? I really have no idea. I use the word cool 3–4 times a day, sometimes more. I use the word the most when trying to get out of a conversation. For instance, a friend of mine refuses to shut up on the phone. The only thing I say in a two hour period is, “That’s cool,” in a monotone voice. She never gets the hint. Anyway, it might have something to do with the hippy movement. Since all parents of teenagers today were at least kids during the movement, and the hippys are still considered pretty cool (there I go!) today, maybe one of the words they used is still acceptable for that reason. (But then again, what happened to groovy?)

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Because it is so versatile. It can mean:
—in between warm and cold
—socially admirable
—connotatively good
and more.

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To be honest, i have never used the word groovy. it just never seemed to fit any situation i was in at the time. but being “cool” is another story altogether. laid back and drinking a mellow yellow. john

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Great question. But it goes back a lot further than the ‘60s. Jazz Musician Lester Young is said to have popularized the term in the ‘30s in jazz circles with his style of “smooth Jazz” It became everyday use when, after the WWII, the “Cool Jazz” movement happened.
It’s so versatile a word and, well, cool.

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So the 30’s jazz era preceded the bohemian scene and well….cool!

I actually live near and frequent the town of Cool California.

One of 3 hubs I split my errands up in.

Yep…there is Cool animal hospital, and Cool hardware and Cool feed and ranch supply and Cool liquer.

And, oh…Cool gardens! A cool community pick your own garden that operates on a cool honor system!

Everything is cool in Cool! lol

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I don’t think that it’s “Popular,” really. I just think that people use it because they don’t know what else to say. People use it because of their boring personality and inability to come up with anything to contribute into a conversation.

Or perhaps, the person isn’t actually listening to you, so they say “Cool” to make it seem like they are.

And the reason I make the second assumption, is because of one of my friends told me what her boyfriend said. She was sitting there talking to him about her friend’s death, then when she gets done talking he says “Oh, that’s cool!”. Either he wasn’t listening, or is very insensitive.

“Cool” has a lot of different meanings, as said before I made this statement, but when you get right down to it, you really can’t find anyone who can hold out a conversation, so they say the only thing they know how to say. “Cool”.

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Mmmm….maybe in some cases like your friends bf that was clearly not following the conversation, but, I only use ‘cool’ on occasion to denote enthusiasm or approval of something, that is, well, cool! lol

Like ’ My sunflowers are blooming this morning, cool!’

‘Cool’ is really only intended as a quickie little word for something fun or interesting or novel, it’s use makes up about 1/1000th of my vocabulary. lol

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@Coloma I probably haven’t used the word “Cool” since I was 14. I more or less like to get into depth over my perception of the things I’m talking about. I could possibly do it better than I am now…But you know how life is..

If one thing isn’t happening, it’s another. I’ve got about 6 different things going on right now. So the way I describe things may not be as good as it could otherwise.

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