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Have you ever recognized a name on a bathroom wall?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) August 13th, 2010

“For a good time, call Ricky”. how about it? have you ever been in a public restroom and recognized a name and phone number? what was your reaction? better still, did you call that number?

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Only in high school.
I couldn’t be bothered to call.

There are a lot of recognizable names on the bathroom walls at a few bars and concert venues in my area, too, but it’s more like “Sally screwed Jenna’s boyfriend on this toilet on 8/17/09”

And we all knew that, anyway.

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Never ever but i write some funny messages on it and comment others

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Yes, and the person who wrote it there apparently didn’t have a good time with me.

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only once. After hours at work I used the men’s bathroom because it was closer and someone had written something derogatory about our boss.

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