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Is it good to be protective over friends?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) August 13th, 2010

Okay lately I have sorta been protective over my friends. But since I don’t have many that’s kinda the reason why I’m being protective. But is it a good thing to show?

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Protective? Sure. If the friends in question don’t mind. Over-protective is not so good.

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Yes. It is good… Friends should look out for one another, Help each other even if it’s just listening.

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Only if they’re right. I’d never protect them if I thought they were wrong.

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Like the others have said, being protective is good. Being over-protective would not be good. I look out for my friends as much as I can (even when I’m states away from them).

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esy only for their phsysical and emotional health.More than that is obtrusive to the freindship.

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I think it is best if you assume that your friends can handle themselves unless they ask for help. That is, after all, what you would want from them.

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I think that is sweet, but please don’t be obsessive when it comes to your friends. Protect, but don’t go mad crazy over them. :P

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People have to live their own lives and make their own decisions, but you can express concerns. It they decide to not listen to what you say, then you can help provide support, but you can’t go mad crazy over them like @ducky_dnl said.

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A friend is suppose to have your back, otherwise what would be the point in friending them in the first place. Anything else is just an acquaintance.
But like already mentioned, there is a thin line between protective and possessive. Make sure it doesn’t blow into possessive. As a friend you should want them to grow. Even if it means letting them make their own mistakes. Let them know when you think they are doing something wrong and why when they ASK or if you think there is some real danger in their choice.
Otherwise they need a friend, not a mom.

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Yes, as long as you are controlling or possessive. Friends look out for each other, it’s a two way street.

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I think its good to be protective over your friends, it shows you really care about them. I’m protective over my friends also.

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