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Good BB/Airsoft weapon?

Asked by hungerforpizza (247points) August 13th, 2010

I want so shoot targets in my backyard. Anyone know of a good BB/Airsoft gun for that? I don’t need any fancy gas.

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My son just bought a CO2 airsoft gun, a replica of an HK UPS. I tried it, it was very nice.

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Do you have a link of it?

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Check here at amazon:

I have a real HK USP and this was identical except for the orange muzzle.

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Sorry, but I don’t believe in kids having weapons.

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It’s the parent’s responsibility to teach them how to safely handle weapons and how to be responsible for their actions.

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@rts486. True. I still don’t believe in it.

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I didn’t mean to hijack this thread into gun control territory, but I need to elaborate on my answer above. One, while it is should be the parents responsibilty to teach their children how to safely handle weapons (if there’s truly such a thing), they may not be qualified to do so or may not be engaged with their child enough to care. And two, youngsters are exposed to many other influences besides their parents including movies, TV, friends, the news, the Web, and on and on. I just don’t think kids up to a certain age (45, say) need to own guns.

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We have this one. It is similar to the other one posted above. It’s a P99 replica. It is actually my son’s but it stays locked in a safe in my room when he is not using it. It doesn’t use CO2. My husband and I both shot it before teaching our son to use it. We both liked it. It has a slide that can be a bit hard to pull back from time to time, so you just have to be careful with it. Interesting enough, my son does fine with it, but for some reason I’ve managed to pinch my finger in it twice. We made a target out of a cardboard box (filled it with paper and then we put targets on the front of the box).

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We have an absolute riot shooting this shotgun version in our backyard and it has a respectable 330+ fps velocity too.

For the record both of my boys are fully trained by certified NRA instructors and hold BSA shooting merit badges for both rifle and shotgun…real rifles and real shotguns. One slip up on their part and they know full well even the Air Soft rifles will disappear from their list of privileges.

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You can’t go wrong with Tokyo Marui. They are pricey, but they are fun.

Do you want a semi-automatic rifle, an automatic rifle/machine gun, an SMG, a shotgun, or something else?

Also, what’s your price range? I used to play airsoft all the time and I know a lot about the sport. Private message me if you want any tips or recommendations.

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IMO, any of the electric ones are crap and the spring ones are even worse. You really need to go gas if you want to shoot those pellets farther and faster than you can throw them. I’ve been disappointed to omany times by a spring-powered gun, especially ones that wore out quickly with use/age, and electrics are generally only good for use indoors at short range since they (at least the ones I’ve seen) lack the power to fly across my living room without major ballistic drop and can’t knock over an empty soda can at point-blank range.

I second FPCB’s recommendation. I had myself a nice TM gas non-blowback Beretta 92F. It cost me a bit, but it lasted for years, shot well, and was a total blast. I just wish I’d had the $$$$ for the blowback 93R

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Yeah, I had a Tokyo Marui SPAS-12 (which shot 3 bbs with each trigger pull, similar to an actual shotgun), a TM P-90 which was super cool, a gas double barreled sawn-off shotgun that fired 7 bbs per shell, and a KFC gas Glock 26 compact which would zip through a magazine worth of bbs in less than a second on full auto.

Are you wanting to just shoot targets, or actually play the game of airsoft?

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