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What is a favorite nickname that you've been given over the years?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) August 13th, 2010

I’m sure we’ve all been given many nicknames over the years by different people in our lives.

What is your favorite? Or favorites, even… and why?

“Neffie” is nickname that sort of took over as my real name, one of those deals where it became what most people called me instead of my first name since I was quite young. So I won’t say that is my favorite.

My grandmother always calls me “milenki pompushki”, and it is just one of those nicknames that makes me smile every time. Makes me feel special, I suppose. You?

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Some old co-workers used to call me “Shannie”, which was a nickname for Shannon. I found it very cute and endearing because we always got along so well and when they used it it was always in a positive tone.

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Nudelaug because a colleague of mine think that my glasses looking like noodles around my Eyes
greets pupsdruese

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Willy. Yeah I know. Kinda stuck from schooldays.

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@ucme Willy is a pretty epic nickname.

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wolfie, jan jan (endearment) and janet planet

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@TheOnlyNeffie Why thank you Neffie.

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My name is Charles.

I have been called…

Charles, chuck, charlie, CHAZ, chuck roast, barley (as in charlie), carlos, and Sir.

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I’ve never been given a nickname that wasn’t intended to insult or offend.

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@downtide that’s terrible. :(

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The two-year old son of a girl friend of me can’t pronounce the first letter R of my name Ro.
He called me “Pro”, which strangely enough contains an “R” too.
But after a few days he changed it to “Plo”.

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I have many nicknames. One of them I like Stoof.. It’s odd one my coworker once upon a time gave me because of my last name is hard to prounce.. My dad called me meatball. I didn’t really like that one. LOL

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Axe. Yes, it has been and is still used, but I did also like the nickname I had when in job corps, which was Foxy.

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When I was younger my dad would call me sunburn. Never fully loved that one. One of my friends called me The Print Princess because I wrote so frequently and would always edit his papers. However, when he first called me this, he said that he would make a comic featuring himself as the hero and me as the villain, but the sort of villain that you end up liking. So, while this is a cool nickname, I think it was a slight insult…
It made me feel really cool though.

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Mom and Gramma.

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A friend called me fayalina- I like that. Another called me nurse ratchett- in fun. My parents called me ‘button’ as in cute as a button which I love.

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@faye that’s cute. :)

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I’ve had a couple, but my favorite is “Lady.” Mr. tedibear claims that our cats refer to us as Lady and Guy, as we are merely nameless servants. We barely use our real names with each other any more! As a little girl, my mom called me “Boo,” because I liked to play peekaboo. That lasted until I was about 9 or 10.

@downtide – I think we need to make up a nice nickname for you! Any preference? “Cuddles”? “Sweet Pea”? “Lambykins”?

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Becky Boo long time ago

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Mon Ocean Tranquille

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well I’ve always had long brown hair, I am a male, and I have always had an affinity for carpentry, handymanship, and volunteer work. so about 4 years ago, I was helping a few elderly women with some things around there house and one of them told me I reminded her of jesus. a few days later I told one of my teachers that story and he started to call me jesus and it stuck.

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My username came from a nickname my old roommate gave me. All of my siblings call me Sue, but if anyone other than them calls me that it feels really weird.

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When my mom was getting worse and worse with the Alz she’d call me Lady, because she couldn’t remember my name! But there was still love in her voice…....

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Awww! You just made me sad. Reminded me of the Notebook.

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The Notebook was actually pretty low key compared to the actuality of living it day in and day out…..

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@Dutchess_III I can’t imagine. I feel for you. I think Alz is worse then cancer. Atleast when my father died I was able to speak to him up to two days before he died. I am sorry for your loss.

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In high school, I had one friend who was almost as big a Lord of the Rings fan as I am. (she got into it when the movies came out, so I had a good ten years on her at least. ^_^ )

We created LotR personas for ourselves, wrote fan fiction, came to school in garb, wrote letters to each other on aged paper scrolls (my mailman really got a kick out of it). We of course had our own fantastic names to go along with our fantastic alter-egos.

I was Arnostalë Thranduilien, Lady of Mirkwood. She was Niadaen of Gondor.

Yeah, that was awesome.

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@Frenchfry Thank you. It still hurts everyday. I think there were a lot of things done wrong that made everything so much worse, and that REALLY hurts. Anyway, that’s off the subject.

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@Dutchess_III I’ve honestly never really liked that movie for just that reason.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I know what you mean….it’s romanticized compared to the real deal.

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When I was little, I loved Winnie the Pooh (come to think of it, I still love him). Pretty much my first nickname was “Pooh”. Yeah. Why couldn’t they have chosen “Winnie”?!? Anyway, my family would also always tell me “that’s using your noodle”. Somehow, the two things got combined, and I became “Lisa Pooh Noodle”. Only my favorite uncle still calls me that, though. I actually kind of love it. :)

Once, when I was in my late 20s/early 30s, I was eating dinner in a restaurant with my husband, when I suddenly hear from across the room: “Lisa Pooh?” It was my grandfather, who just happened to be eating at the same restaurant, broadcasting my lovely ~ nickname to the whole place. I kind of didn’t love that! ;)

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@augustlan that’s very cute even the bit about your grandfather, I have to say.

My sister’s nickname as a child was Meghan-noodle. I guess there are a lot of noodley kids in the world ;)

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@TheOnlyNeffie @augustlan

My son is “Noodle Streudel”, too – per my husband. I prefer “Babalouie”

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The notion of “noodley kids” made me smile. :D

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