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What countries have you been to?

Asked by Frenchfry (7569points) August 13th, 2010

I have been to Canada and Mexico.
I would love to go to Europe… Where have you been and where do you recommend?

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Foreign countries? China, Germany, England, Canada and Waco, Texas. Loved visiting every one of them except the last. People were friendly and welcoming, food was different and delicious, and in each case, my company paid for everything. How can you beat that.

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USA, Canada, Ukraine and Ireland. Someday I will see more.

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canada, mexico, bahamas

I do not suggest Toledo.
“Saturday night in Toledo, OH, well I spent a week there one day.”
John Denver

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Not a huge globetrotter (never been to Harlem then :¬D) Scotland-Spain-France-Denmark that’s my lot right there.

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USA, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Germany, England, France.
Venice, Italy is recommended.
Prague is great too (well, it was in ‘83 anyway).

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Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, France, South Africa, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Scotland, Canada (I live in the U.S.).

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Aside from the UK, where I live (in which I’ve been to every part except Northern Ireland)...

Canada, USA, Spain, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Czech Republic.

Not nearly enough.

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Canada, Italy, Israel, Kuwait
@rebbel I’ve always wanted to see Prauge

Belgium is another place I’m DYING to visit
Bruges looks amazing

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The Bahamas
And St. Maarten.

Just go anywhere you can go.

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Germany(that is where I reign), France(disneyland with my aunt), Czech Republic, Hungary (our last class trip was to there), and either Slovakia or Austria passing through to Hungary.

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Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand,Taiwan, and China.

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United States, Mexico, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Bahamas, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, and when I was very little and don’t even remember it: South Africa.

Morocco and Algeria were the two newest ones added to the list just this year. I’ve been to all of them only once except for France, Russia, Canada, Italy, Mexico, and the Bahamas.

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I traveled the coast of Australia years ago and I’ve been to Mexico multiple times.

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I’ve been to several Countries but the one place I actually enjoyed the best was Guam. Its a tiny island and everything is American so you don’t have to brush up on another language. But best of all is that it’s not a big tourist enviroment, so many of the obnoxious people go to Hawaii instead.
We had a blast there snorkeling, jet skiing, swimming in a lagoon, diving off a small cliff, hitting the clubs at night, dinning. I like to do out door stuff. There is a lot more to do but I only had a week. It was like a honeymoon for my husband and I. And the stuff there is reasonably priced. Had a blast.
Of course I like doing out door activities.
For beautiful man made stuff I recommend Europe. The old buildings are awesome to see and all that history is great.
For culture I recommend Japan. Old meets new. New constructions but traditional thinking.
Germany has beautiful landscapes outside the cities and some awesome castles.
Spain has vitality. (Stick with Barcelona)
Italy has ancient buildings and so does Greece.

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US, Canada, Mexico. The Untraveled.

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Mexico, Grand Cayman, most of the Islands of the Carribean.

I’ve got a trip to Italy and Antarctica planned for the near future.

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Italy, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Guatamala, Hondurus, Ecuador, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Morocco, Bosnia, Tahiti, Kenya, Tanzania

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Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, S. Korea, Japan, Mexico, Canada, France

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The U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Belize.

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USA,the Bahamas, Canada, China and Taiwan.

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South Korea, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, and the USA

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I live in the United States and have been to many of the states. (I think 38, but can’t remember offhand.) I’ve also been to Canada (Ontario & Quebec), England (Cambridge) and The Netherlands (Amsterdam). I would like to see more of each of those places, as well as all of the rest of Europe, then Egypt, Morocco and very strangely, Antarctica.

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I live in the UK but visited Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy (Sorrento and Venice very nice), Switzerland, Poland, Spain including Lanzarote, Belgium, Andorra, Portugal and Tunisia. Never realised it was so many. France and Italy are probably my favourites.

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France, England, and Canada, where I now live.

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South Africa (i live here), NY, Switzerland, England (we lived there from when i was 1yr to just before my 3rd bday) and probably every other country in Europe except Portugal (but i was under 3 years old during the whole Europe thing, unfortunately.)

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I live in England and I have visited Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Portugal, America and not forgetting Wales and Scotland. Of all the places i’ve been Scotland is my favourite followed by Italy.

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I’m from the US, but I have been to Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, Grand Cayman, Costa Rica, Brussels, Senegal, and India. The next countries we want to plan on visiting are France, Myanmar, Cambodia, Peru, Kenya, and Panama :)

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