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Are bed and breakfast estabishments giving value for money?

Asked by Sandydog (1263points) August 13th, 2010 from iPhone

This is probably only for people living in the UK as I dont know if there is an equivalent elsewhere?
Im asking because we have used quite a few over the last few years and would say that half of them have been reasonable,but others we would never go back to.
An example would be paying £140 for two nights in Weymouth in June, for what turned out to be a converted attic !! I actually bumped my head on the ceiling twice it was so low at places, and Im not tall. The general unfriendliness of the so called “host” was puzzling for someone supposed to be running a b and b.
As ive already said our experiences with b & b’s is very mixed and wondering what others think?

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I was always happy with the B&B’s I stayed in here in the US. But the last one was a long time ago. And then there was the haunted one…

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Yes, I am in the U.S. also and live in a tourist community.

We have many lovely B&B’s and the hosts/hostesses, accomodations, service, food and extras are very generous.

I am sure there are good and bad to be found everywhere.

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There are B&Bs all over the world I think; in the US for sure. Of course you can’t generalize and say all are great or bad values. There are thousands of them, and it all depends on who’s running the place. If you want to increase your luck in choosing one, try finding a website that has independent reviews of the place like tripadvisor or vrbo.

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Im thinking about value for money. £140 for a very basic room for 2 nights to me isnt good – i think rates would be chaper in the US – and the service is usually a lot better from my experience

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I will tell you a secret about myself and my husband. We hate B&Bs. Which isn’t to say that we haven’t stayed in nice ones, but we hate them as a breed.

We don’t like having to make nice to the hosts (who are surprisingly often not friendly or warm or welcoming).

We don’t like having breakfast with strangers.

We finally, after years of trying, gave ourselves permission to give b&bs a pass.

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I have always had a good experience with Bed and Breakfast, but the ones I’ve stayed in were during off season, so not very crowded, and more personal. Unless you really like the ‘home style’ atmosphere, they are not a better value than a regular hotel/motel.

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I think many B&Bs in the States at this point are more luxurious and “romantic” than typical B&Bs in the UK which are often more comparable to what we used to call “tourist homes.” That being said, there is a wide variety of pricing and amenities in both countries. In the US, it is not uncommon for B&Bs to cost $150 – $300 per night for a double room. When I was first coming to the UK, I remember paying 1 pound fifty pence for a room in a B&B in the Lake District! Times have changed.

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I’m in the US and use B&Bs whenever I can. I have never been disappointed.
The hosts are always fun as it takes a certain personality to start a B&B. Likewise, the customers are interesting and fun as it takes a certain type of customer to seek out a B&B.

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