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A modest request for Jellies; can you tell me who you are when friending me on FB?

Asked by janbb (53631points) August 13th, 2010

Just what it says. I keep getting FB friend requests from Jellies. For the most part, I am happy to add you, but I want to know who you are here first. I keep having to ask a fellow Jelly to identify people. Not sure if this is a discussion question but didn’t know how else to get out the word.

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I’m on Facebook as Allie. Shocking, I know. So, if you (or anyone reading this) gets a request from someone named Allie with Fluther friends in common, it’s probably me.

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I have the same problem.

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Just to clarify, I’m not asking anyone to reveal their RL name here, just to send a message with your Jelly moniker if you send a friend request.

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I would also appreciate this.

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I’m the one who has been drinking.

Oh, wait a minute, that’s Shitfacedbook.

I’m Jon.

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Generally, I can recognize faces or people put their fluther avatar and if I can’t recognize, I don’t friend until I get a message.

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That hasn’t happened to me yet, then again, only two jellies have added me.

But, should I happen to find you.. I will give you the heads up. (I’m not hard to spot.)


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I completely empathize with you. I can’t tell you how many times I have been friended by people who I don’t recognize. It’s also hard to remember who they are once they are friended.

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did I screw up @janbb. I swear I sent you a message. ;)

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crap, I wonder if it was me. lol
Yes! And someone thought I was someone else…and I got really confused.

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Thank you! I have had this same problem. And I feel way creepy sending a message to someone who’s obviously from fluther saying, “who are you? I know you’re from fluther…

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@KatawaGrey It’s not creepy when you don’t know. It’s creepy when someone makes a request assuming you do know. ;)

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Are you all on FB under your fluther names?

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@wundayatta I think most of us use our real names. At least I do, and several others that I know of.

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I’m Charles Clarke, dammit! Learn it, live it, love it.

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I always identify as augustlan or auggie, usually when I’m sending someone a message trying to figure out who they are, for exactly that reason. I even ended up putting “AKA Augustlan” on my page, where people usually post a little quote or mini-bio.

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I do use my real name, but it’s easy to figure it out who I am if you know my fluther name.

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<—Chelsea LaSalle.

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I use my real name(s), too.

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