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How can I find a guy I met only once ?

Asked by eurm5 (7points) August 13th, 2010

I met a guy at waitrose ( surbiton ) about 4 days ago and I don t know how to find him again ! this never happened to me before ! really something had clicked when I saw this guy..he started chatting to me and he was so cute ..he asked me how old I am and where I live .. I told him the street name , he said ” my sister lives there too ” , he also told me that his brother is chef… he lived in long ditton ! please help me to find him !

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Craigslist has a missed connections board where you can try to get in touch with people you’ve met in such situations. It’s a long shot, but you could try finding the Craigslist site for your city and posting on there. You never know.

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I did post on craigslist just now ! I did it online , is there other mean to do it ! what are the chances that he will go and look at the craiglist ! thank you so much for your answer…:)))

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You could try going back to where you met him and hope he is there again sometime.

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Do you know his name?

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Can you not find the sister who lives nearby?

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If you have his first and last name you could check if he has a facebook or myspace.

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All the suggestions above….Craigslist and Facebook are the best ways to find him.

A few weeks ago, some woman found a Teddy Bear at the beach. She started a campaign to find the owner of this Teddy Bear on Facebook. And it worked! So, you could start a campaign on Facebook to find the “Waitrose Surbiton Guy” and you might be able to find him that way. (I am not sure how to do this…but hopefully someone a lot more familiar with this sort of stuff will answer.)

You can always go back at the same time on the same day of the week…he may be looking for you, too!

Good luck.

And for anyone reading this——please, if you EVER meet anyone like that, get his/her email at the very least. No matter what.

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A few years ago, a guy saw a girl on the subway I think, and made a picture of her, and she was found on the internet…..I wonder how that went for them….? a good Fluther question, I think.

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The problem is , I even don’t know his name !! he knows mine though, but just my first name…I will keep going to the same place ..will see what happens ..thank you do much for all the are great…

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@eurm5, I learned a long time ago (from a similar situation) not to be bashful about being the first to introduce yourself, and ask for the other person’s name if it’s not forthcoming. “Hi, I’m eurm5. And you are…?”

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@BarnacleBill : YOu are right, but I just couldn t ask him more questions ! I felt it was a bit inappropriate and I was abit worried how he ‘s gonna take it ! I am going today to the same place , let’s hope I will find him ! fingers crossed ..if I find him ! oh my god ! that will be it !!!!! yuppppppiiiii

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@eurm5 Not to sound mean, but before telling someone where you live (especially down to the street name), you should be sure you know their name. Worst case scenario, he could have been up to no good. If something were to happen to you, you wouldn’t even know this guys name to report it. I really don’t understand when you say you just couldn’t ask him more questions…asking someone their name is hardly asking for too much information (especially considering he asked where you live and how old you are). Honestly, rereading what you wrote, it sounds really odd that the only information he told you was were his brother and sister live instead of anything about himself.

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@eurm5…..You know, @Seaofclouds has a good point. How old are you? Was this an old geezer who was chasing you? Whatever you do…please, please, be careful. Don’t go with some strange Waitrose Guy….especially if you are underage. You must be extremely careful. Even if you aren’t underage, you have to be careful….okay? And for goodness, sakes, find out who he is first and that he isn’t some stalker, meet him in a neutral place….and let someone know where you are at all times.

if you are 45, I apologize..I sound like a very concerned mom now

Keep us posted.

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@DarlingRhadamanthus and @Seaofclouds : thank you so much for your comments guys! YOU are absolutely right ..I should have asked for his name…but to be honest with you he didn t look like a stalker to me ..he looked really cute and well dressed and well presentable guy ! I know that doesn t mean much ,,and I realise I am wrong here.. do not worry guys , I am 25 years old ..and I am leaving this house in 3 days anyway ! nothing to worry about…thanks a lot…

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@eurm5 Looks can be very deceiving (just saying). Just think about yourself some in the future. Even the nicest looking guy in the world could turn out to be trouble.

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