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What is your favorite herb/spice?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26784points) August 13th, 2010

Whether it is to cook with or just your favorite to eat.

Garlic is a given for me, but aside from that I would have to say basil.

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What about smoke?

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All herbal ingredients in this recipe (this is a tasty and healthy Chinese recipe). My grandma always cook this recipe when I visit her.

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Chili powder. I could live on chili and chimichangas and split pea soup and empanadas and….

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Garlic 1
Ginger 2

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I truly like garlic.I will use it in any food along,with basil and ginger.

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I’m quite fond of rosemary.

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GARLIC. i reek constantly because of how much of it i eat. on the other hand, i despise fennel, cilantro, and thyme. GAG.

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I am in love with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Ginger is up there too

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Garlic, basil, cardamom, chili powder, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves. And then all the other ones.

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Onion. In addition to being a vegetable it is certainly a spice as well. And it is so totally different in each form: fresh white, red, or yellow bulb flesh, greens, dried flakes or powder… and then caramelized, sauteed, boiled, pickled… it’s all good.

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You’ll have to fight me for them @uberbatman. They’re my fave too.

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Cumin I think is my favorite.

Basil is a close second.

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@deni I’m not crazy about thyme, either. I particularly dislike rosemary.

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Do I have to pick just one? I love spices and herbs so much I would probably die without them. Rosemary, basil, thyme, dill, oregano, sage, mint are all garden staples for me. And there are so many varieties of each! I’ve never met a spice I don’t like…

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@lilikoi you can have your herbs and spices. and eat them, too. ;)

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I love basil and garlic. I like ginger too. I’m pretty fond of cayenne pepper and nutmeg. All the rest too.

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Cayenne you cumin over and spend some thyme before you oregano?

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I grow my own basil, oregano, sage for Thanksgiving stuffing, chives, chiles and lemon balm for making my own funky lemon pepper shake. If I had to pick one it would be the fresh basil! Fresh basil is over the top yumm when you have it on hand….dried has no where near the same impact!

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@Austinlad – Out to hunt & spear a mint. Gingerly stalk with a caper. Pepper the landscape with eyes. When he hops you spray him with mace. Don’t cry to poppy, you’ll only rue the day.

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CUMIN!, basil, nutmeg, garlic, ginger, Herbamare Sea Salt (I call it special salt and put it in EVERYTHING, it is truly incredible!), rosemary…. i don’t get how people eat lavender (but lavender salt is good in small doses).

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Dill, parsely and fresh mint leaves!

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I can’t choose just one favorite, but I use garlic the most often, along with basil and oregano.

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@rpmpseudonym, you are a worthy punponent.

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I love cooking with garlic salt and lemon pepper for my salmon and veggies. Noms.

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I love fresh garlic, onion and EVOO. I call them my basic food groups~

Basil is as essential as is oregano in my Italian cooking.

Only fresh group pepper is worth calling pepper!

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cracked tellicherry black pepper

rosemary, basil

and specialty spice from penzey’s. especially bouquet garni

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Oh, wait, I want to add mint, chives, ginger and cumin. How could I have forgotten them???

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Garlic and ginger are essential to like 90% of the things I make. Fresh cilantro comes in a close third.

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Basil. I love the smell.

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I love Garlic and cayenne pepper. everytime I say or cook with cayenne pepper it’s funny, because I say it with a accent. There is a famous cajun chef by the name of Justin Wilson who always wore suspenders . He would say funny as well, Just loved him.

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Here is Justin Wilson for those who never heard of him “here” :

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Cinnamon. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE pancakes with a mix of sugar and cinnamon on them. (our pancakes are big and thin, more like crepes). Also, cinnamon is used in one of my favourite savoury rice dishes as well. And chai tea is delicious. And cinnamon buns. Etc etc etc….! :)

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I love lemon pepper :)

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@Mom2BDec2010 my husband does, too. :)

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Cumin and cayenne pepper.

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I’d like to answer this but I haven’t got thyme, gotta rush…........;¬}

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Garlic and basil.

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I love cilantro, and garlic. But most of all I love saffron

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Saffron is soo expensive. You have expensive taste @shego

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@Frenchfry I know my mom loved it so much she named me after it.

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Anybody have an idea what to do with a ton of Rosemary – either fresh or dried? Thanks.

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@zen_ i’ve had really good chicken with rosemary! i haven’t made it though. but it was delish.

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@zen_ Make Rosemary Drawer Sachets. Lay a 4” or so square of fabric on a small dish. Fill the center with shredded Rosemary. Bring the four corners together, forming a small bag. Twist the top, then tie a thin ribbon, or a piece of yarn or a bread tie around it. They make wonderful gifts.

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^ What do they do?

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@zen_ They make the drawer and it’s contents smell good. It is a mood lifting and refreshing experience. They can also be used as pillow sachets to help you have inspirational, peaceful sleep. I find them especially useful in my underwear drawer.

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^ OIC – I prefer lavender.

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