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If Mary was Jesus' mother is she able to hear and answer prayer?

Asked by Aster (19984points) August 13th, 2010

I like the idea of praying to Mary. I think Baptists consider it a sin to do so? My friend doesn’t have a mother and she considers Mary her mother and loves her. So if you think Jesus was God and hears prayer , can Mary do it too?

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If you like the idea, then by all means, do it. As I understand it, she was special in that she was a product of immaculate conception, so she has to be different from other humans.

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I’m sorry; I wasn’t clear. I meant to ask if she has the capabilities to hear and answer prayers. I should also have said the Q was not meant for atheists since I think they are sure Jesus either never existed or he was just another pain in the neck.

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Go for it. A little prayer never hurt anyone. Praying to Mary probably violates some strict Baptist rules (from what I remember as a former Catholic whose childhood best friend was from a family of Southern Baptist ministers) but if it helps you, I’m sure God wouldn’t mind as protestant sects are offshoots of Catholicism.

A lot of the artwork that centers around Mary is quite beautiful; she’s quite a peaceful person.

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Jesus was the product of immaculate conception. I’ve never heard that about Mary. Source?

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@faye It is my understanding that the term ‘Virgin birth’ applies to Jesus and ‘Immaculate Conception’ refers to Mary because she was born (though conceived in a ‘natural’ way) without ‘original sin’. Link.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Thanks, I’ve always thought that referred to Jesus

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@faye Yeah, would make sense. :)

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To me it’s not a sin. Prayers are about slowing down your thoughts. Prayers are about giving you strength. Prayers help with self-reflection. If prayers to Mary do this for you, I would stick with it. Many believers picture God as male. Mary seems to bring feminine qualities into the big picture.

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I have not done this in ten+ years. I was just wondering if any Christians believe she can hear and/or answer prayer. I guess most are fearful of answering.

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