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How is Salt?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19041points) August 13th, 2010

Has anyone here seen Salt? How was it? Worth spending $10 plus popcorn and soda, or not even worth the effort it takes to illegally download it?

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It was okay, I wouldn’t go to the theater for it, but the other option isn’t too bad.

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It was kind of outdated… like the cold war never ended. The action was pretty cool, because the whole thing is pretty much one big action scene, but they never make you care about the characters or the outcome. Meh.

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It was all action. Put aside the kind of… ‘loopy’ story and somewhat awkward acting and it was actually a pretty decent movie. I really appreciated the stunt work and action-thriller scenes.

The story is a little far-fetched and almost superficial. If you want a movie that’s going to “pull you in”, I wouldn’t spend the $. If you want an action thrill-ride, money well spent.

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I think it was awesome. I don’t think you’d regret it if you saw it in the theatre.

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