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Do you remember glass bottles with metal caps and pull tab cans for soda pop, or 8 track players?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26837points) August 14th, 2010

I was thinking the other day while reading how long we have been fighting in Afghanistan of how many ordinary everyday things have changed. Live TV back in the Vietnam era. Or that candy bars were 10 cents and large too. A can of pop was 10 cents as well. Then that got me to thinking not only has the can of pop changed in price but the way it was packaged, bottles too. Can you remember the old metals cans with pull tabs? I remember craft projects where you could make jewelry and such by linking the pull tabs together. What about bottles? Do you remember when nearly all soda pop came in glass bottle with metal caps you needed a trusty bottle opener to crack open? At least you got your whole deposit back when you returned the bottle not this recycle scam they got going now. Added note, how many of you remember being in a car that had an 8 track player?

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My mom’s thunderbird had an 8 track player when I was a kid. I remember that. I always thought it was called an A-track. :)

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Yes, I am older than dirt. What of it?

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Remember when vinyl was for music and not for clothing?

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I’m just dirt, hi @filmfann – my brother from another mother.

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Nope. But I do remember these: and when you had to actually warm boot and cold boot computers.

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Remember when we still had a Kaiser?

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Typewriters? “Don’t Blame Me; I’m from Massachusetts?” Moxie? The real stuff, I mean. Reel to reel recorders? Phonographs? Vacuum tubes?

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@wundayatta I listen to records on my record player every day.

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Nope. I was born in the 80’s during the time of Aqua Net hairspray and Super Mario Brothers.

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@gypsywench I was born in 1982. You never encountered an 8-track? I love the Aqua Net & Super Mario references

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@TheOnlyNeffie I was born in 1982 as well. My parents never had an 8-track as I recall. Records and cassette tapes, yes. They did have a Reel to Reel, which I wish I had today. Those were bad-ass. I do have an extensive collection of vinyl records.

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My grandparents had an 8 track player in their living room. I think it stopped working when I was 10 or 11.

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I remember all these. In the garage we still have a console 8-track player and tapes. Of course I have a reel to reel stereo tape deck (4 track sound on sound). Cool or what?

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I remember 8-tracks bugging the heck out of me because it was such a pain to find the song I was looking for! I also remember ice cream for a nickel a scoop and candy bars two for 25 cents. When I was a kid whenever we opened a pull tab soda, we dropped the tab in the can – unless of course we were saving them for an art project as @Hypocrisy_Central described. There are still songs that I hear on the radio and expect to hear the skip they had on my vinyl record.

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I not only remember a time before computers, I even remember a time before television.

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@YARNLADY And what would people think about living without a cell phone!?

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The early-mid 70s! So I remember Soul Train and American Bandstand, of course. K-Tel Records, with all the pop hits by the original artists! Just listen! Available at K-Mart and Treasure Island!

I remember the ka-CHUNK! of the 8-track player in my guardian’s Chevy Impala when the sides were switching. Yup. I remember pull tops and bottle caps. I remember transistor radios, cassettes when they were brand new (~1976?), the fake cherry wood panelling on everything and that avocado was considered an attractive colour for kitchen appliances. I remember the radio jingle for The Gap when they were just a jeans outfitter from San Francisco. “Fall! In! To! The! Gap! DeeDeeDeeDeee!”

Plus, I remember when I was home sick from school I’d set up a a spot on the sofa and watch The Price Is Right, Tattle Tales, The $25,000 Pyramid, Password (with Betty White as a celebrity player!), Hollywood Squares and Match Game during the day. People said nasty, dirty, sexy things on game shows back then. And Donahue. Super-liberal Phil Donahue with that mop of white hair, trying to keep the audience from killing Madelyn Murray O’Hair, the militant atheist, and also sneaking and staying up late on Saturday nights to watch Saturday Night Live, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, Showtime at the Apollo and The Midnight Special. I remember skidding out on my (pink) Big Wheel, changing the diaper on my Baby Alive and my cousin and his friends trying to destroy their Stretch Armstrongs.

America in the 1970s, people. It was a special time to be a small child. And an adult, too, if you had entree into Studio 54 and a trustworthy coke dealer.

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All of them and also when gas was $.33 per gallon!

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@Cruiser Gee gads man! That is an “old timer’s” secret, we were sworn NEVER to let Gen X and the Pepsie Generation know petro was EVER under 2 bucks. They might blame the high prices on us older folk because we can drive all over the place in huge rolling palaces of solid steel not this cheap plastic junk of today. Now that you have spilled the beans we will have to rub you out….........OK just kidding about rubbing you out but we will have to pummel you about the head and neck with stale French bread. ;-p

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@aprilsimnel, I could swear we were twins. I had all of the same memories, except the pink bigwheel. I also remember riding on the roof of my dads truck at 70 miles and hour holding the chainsaw and the dog, as well as sitting on the tailgate with my feet dragging on the road at 70 miles an hour, trying to wear out the soles of my gum soled shoes. I was so short, that I had to actually slide my but over the edge and hold on to the tailgate brackets to keep from falling onto the road.

I was also knocked out of a sled my dad made out of a volkswagon bug hood. He got too close to the edge of the road, hit a bump, and a fencepost smacked me in the head and knocked me out of the sled, and just plain out. I woke up on the floor of the truck with someone feeding me blackberry brandy and holding a big chunk of ice on my noggin.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Dang sorry that one slipped out. What I will NEVER disclose was how little tax was taxed on the gas back then!! HS would that cause an uprising if they knew THAT!!!

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