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A serious overheard threat, play it off a pissed off venting or do you do something?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26816points) August 14th, 2010

Would you get involved or steer way clear if it? The details, you are traveling home on the commute train and you are pooped, you get tired of reading the paper and you slump down in your seat to rest your head and you close you eyes paper draped across your lap; and appear asleep. About 2 stops later to people board and sit across from you. They start talking (young females) at one point in the conversation you hear one say “I hate that Mr. so-and-so, he is failing me for no reason, I am not going to let him fail me in my AP class. I will fry that SOB”. Other girl, “How? Sick your dad on him? (giggle). 1st girl “Yeah…..I will just put the word out that he touches girls inappropriately and he tried to grab my tits” Second girl “sssssshh…***** what about that guy” 1st girl, “Don’t sweat it, he hasn’t moved, he is asleep”. You slyly squint a peek and see two high schoolers in cheerleading uniforms and figure they are on the way home from a game. The 1st girl is fuming because she figures this teacher is going to tank her AP class messing up her college aspirations. She ask girl 2 to corroborate her story if she floats it out there and the 2nd gal reluctantly agrees. A few stops later they off board. If you recognize the school uniform and where the girls attend do you go there with your story which you can’t prove, or say nothing in case it was some pissed off girl selling “wolf ticket”?

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Contact the school and let them know what I know. It’s only a phone call to me, it could be a career, home and marriage to said target.

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If I had experienced that, I would have stopped pretending to be asleep. Hopefully, that alone would be enough to stop the girl from such thoughts.

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I think you should tell the school, thats messed up. That could ruin his entire life.

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Right after the “he is asleep” line I would coldly stare them in the face, maybe with an eyebrow raised.

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Yeah. Step 1. Stop pretending to be asleep. Step 2. whip out cell phone and Google the phone number of the school. Leave message on my own home answering machine (pretending that it’s the school) that a Cheerleader in Mr. So and So’s AP class is planning on falsifying a sexual molestation report. Do this right in front of them.

Then, she can sweat it out for a while.

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Contact the school, preferably the principal, and repeat what you know.

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Only do it if you are prepared to get involved in the event something does go down. Crap like this is so disruptive to all involved and I would do all I could to prevent kids attempting and or getting away with something so potentially hurtful.

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I would’ve stopped pretending to be asleep. (Since you knew the uniform) Mentioned, “Hey my kid goes to your school. Make up a generic name and ask them if he may be in any of their AP Classes.” That would’ve been enough to make them nervous and sweat thing out for a while.
If her friend was relunctant than I am sure her plan would’ve fallen through any way. However, these days one can’t tell.
Calling the school should be enough to at least ward off any potential damage.

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I would call the school. Tell them what you know.That’s not right.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Love your answer!

@Hypocrisy_Central Did this really happen to someone, or is it a hypothetical example?

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I would call the school as well. Even if you stopped pretending to be asleep, it may not get the idea out of the girls head, instead they would have just stopped talking about it. If they really believe you were asleep, they would have thought you just woke up and didn’t hear them (unless you made a call right then and there as @Seek_Kolinahr suggested).

The saddest thing is, even with you beating them to it and reporting that they are planning to make a false report of abuse, the school still has to investigate the teacher if they do make the allegation. Sure, they’ll be weary about it because of the information they got from you, but things are still going to such for that teacher while things are investigated. I hope my children never think to do something so mean and hurtful towards another person.

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That “Heathers” shit never ends, does it? Call the school and let them know that it might be just some girls venting and talking shit, but you just wanted to let them know what you overhears so that they can keep an eye out.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Phenomenal answer that should be followed up with an actual call to the school.
I love the way your mind works!

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@Pied_Pfeffer The geneses of the question came from a case years ago where a math teacher in a Texas school was accused by 4 girls who were in his classes of acting sexually inappropriate with them because he failed them, probably because they could not grasping the material well enough or just not trying hard enough. In the end that case got solved as the girls making up a lie –though I don’t think any of them really got punished for almost ruining the teacher—. The thought of conversation was what if you heard or knew something was going to go down before it happed, do you get involved and @Seek_Kolinahr which was a good answer, and if you do would it spill back on you as @Cruiser said. If the main mark is taken out the game and they are that pissed and want someone to pay for their misfortune they could turn on whoever snitched them off especially if they know who that person is. Though @Seek_Kolinahr had a very good answer the girls can get off at their stop get right on their cell phones and say some Black man, yea high, wearing this and that tried to do something to them and I could have the cops waiting for me when I got off, then it is me trying to save my butt. Being a whistle blower, tippster or what not can back fire right in your face if you don’t have solid goods that what is going down really will. They can deny it and there is two of them and one of you. However, you don’t want someone’s good name dragged through the sewer because of vengeance either.

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Absolutely do something. BTW…did this really happen? What disgusting children.

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Don’t be afraid . That is why rape and abuse and such never happen or the innocent get five years in jail. I would.

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Since Columbine schools have asked that anything like this be reported. I probably would, especially in my city because it’s taken very seriously.

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Well, it was a “what would you do” question, and I’m a short, white woman. The cops aren’t going to do a damned thing about “Yeah, like, there was, like, this lady on the bus, and she was all, like, mean to us and junk…”

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Thanks for the background Hypocrisy_Central. It sounds like a modern version of The Crucible

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Why does this crap always happen to you? You are a magnet for filthy mouthed, scheming teenage girls. Maybe you need to correct some karma from a previous life! ;-)

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@Trillian This didn’t really happen to @Hypocrisy_Central. It was a theoretical question.

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@Dutchess_III Yeah, but the thing through the fance really did, that’s what it reminded me of. I was just playing with @Hypocrisy_Central. I haven’t adressed him ni a while and just thought I’d check in and make a connection, and since he posted in the Social section I felt fairly sure I wouldn’t get modded.

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@Trillian Modding in here is a thing of the past! I think sometimes it gets a bit out of control, and I know Andrew is back there shaking his head saying “I told you so!” But…we do a good job of self policing. IMO.

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@Seek_Kolinahr What I would do was to let them think I was not hearing, then they would disclose details they wouldn’t if they thought I heard. Also it allows me to contact the school and the district heads with out exposure of retaliation. I would know the gals are on the cheerleading squad at least two of them and that the mark is a math teacher. Even though I know the name of one of the girls and the mark I won’t really need to mention them just that there is something possibly going down against a member of their math department by one or more of the cheerleaders who are in or have just taken his class. I can do this by mail and stay completely insulated. Since the gals would not know I really do know they if they actually went ahead with their plan they would bring my prediction letter to truth and thus let the school know it was a lie hopefully. Confronting them right there on the train you would have the advantage, there might not be one there for me unless some other passenger can corroborate my story.

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See, the way I figure it is if the girl makes the claim, it has to be researched no matter what. Getting an anonymous letter in the mail won’t stop that, and won’t be permissible as evidence.

The best bet is to a) mind your own business, or b) do something that will discourage the girls from making the effort in the first place. Teenage girls aren’t very smart – I know, I was recently one of them. All you have to do is make her think she’s already in trouble, and you’ve done your part.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I guess I slept through Teenage Girl 101 Har har ;-)

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In this case I wouldn’t be afraid of not being anonymous. It’s not like you’re dealing with gang banger murderers. I’d seriously probably get in someone’s face. Well, that’s what happens when you’ve raised 20 teenagers, and taught about 5000.

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