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The Guacamole Award: When will you be visiting Fluther HQ?

Asked by Kayak8 (16447points) August 14th, 2010

Just saw that Allie received the Guacamole Award and had to go check it out. Says a handful of folks have already earned it—so did you get to see the mansions? What was your experience like? Was Bendrew there, perhaps hiding behind a velvet curtain? How long did you stay? Did you get lots o lurve for your trouble?

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Actually, it says Allie “discovered” the Guacamole Award, so perhaps other congratulations are in order.

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Uhmmmmm…. I didn’t know the awards had any rhyme or reason.

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Where is HQ? I saw that. I wonder who came up with the name?

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@Kayak8 Remember. It says “in person or via mail”. So the person may have just sent a letter/card/whatever to Fluther HQ and didn’t actually visit in person.

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@Frenchfry Fluther HQ is in San Francisco.

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@chels Oh! Well I can’t visit. That is way to far for me. Thanks.

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Congratulations @Allie!! (and everyone else who got it)

@Frenchfry I don’t know who chose the name, but the award name makes a lot more sense if you remember what Ben & Andrew promised you when first signed up to join Fluther.

Does anyone else wonder if “Basil’s surprise” was on the shortlist of names for this award. Although I can see that would raise some questions at customs ;)

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Shouldn’t it be The Whole Guacamole Award?

Since it is the tip-top connected you can get to the Fluther?

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@markyy OH My! I never noticed that. That is awesome No wonder I like this site. But then who brings the chips?Hmmmm. The top flutherer . Who is that?

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I hope when you get the guacamole award you get some guacamole. after all, its a california thing. guacamole and chips at HQ which I have viewed with google man-in-the-street

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Just as soon as they fly me out there. ;)

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Sorry,you all may have missed me for a few, I was spending my time writing to HQ rather than responding to questions. Back now . . .

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@DarlingRhadamanthus, I think you’re mixing up the holy guacamole and the whole enchilada, but either way, now I’m hungry.

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@Kayak8 What did you ask them? Or is it personal?

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Next time I’m in SF, I’m gettin’ me some guac!

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I know where they’re currently located.. :)
I walked past their building in SF. It’s very hidden (secret ninja jellyfish style)
I think if I visit them, probably in November, I’ll make homemade guacamole and bring a bag of tortilla chips for the guys that work there… all four of them. lol

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