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What do you do when you are really angry?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) August 14th, 2010

I am a little firecracker when I am mad, but it takes awhile to get there. I have thrown spaghetti across the room to prove a point. Sad thing I had to clean it up . Never done it since.

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I have yet to be really angry. I get a bit frustrated or ticked but never really angry. Most of the time however, I use that frustration or ticked-off-ness constructively (except when I decide to go chop firewood).

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Boy do I throw my toys out of the cot!!!!!!

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I say the F word.

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First I go silent then I snarl obscenities. To cool down then I throw myself into housework, the ickiest stuff first like scrubbing tubs, showers, sinks & floors. If I’m still hot after that then I’ll throw in some laundry and then take a shower and try to nap or watch a movie.

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Go away,alone,and calm down myself.

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I play drums for a long time and then edit books.

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It all depends on who I’m mad at and what happened.
Like when I was in elementary school, we were playing soft ball in gym class, and I couldn’t hit the ball for my life, and one of the boys on the team kept making rude remarks to me. Well I showed him how good my aim was, cause I threw the ball, and it hit him in the jewels.
But now that I’m older, I don’t resort to childish behavior, I sit down and try to figure out what went wrong, and if it was I who was wrong.

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I scweam & scweam & scweam until I am sick!! Ooooh I could squash a grape :¬)

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It all depends on who I’m mad at and what happened.

Same. If I’m mad at one of my friends, I don’t lash out at them, but I will confront them with whatever it is that’s angering me. Otherwise, I’ll usually vent to one of my other friends. “N is being unbelievable right now!” <—A text sent to another friend during a “vent”.

If I’m mad at one of my siblings, I will probably yell at them or throw something (it’s been known to happen). If I’m mad at my parents, I will probably slam a door (definitely been known to happen). If I’m mad at just a general situation, I will probably go somewhere to cool off, and I will do that anyway for all of these things eventually. One thing I don’t like to do is sulk or hold a grudge. I do not like to stay angry. But I do like to get everything out.

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Remove myself from the situation and take a nap. Everything looks different after a nap. Not always better… but different, at least.

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I swear. Honestly, I get out of control completely. Just like you, I’ve thrown things. And it takes a long time getting nail polish off of a wall… eek

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I can be a bit of a firecracker myself at times. You’re not alone @Frenchfry :) I don’t fly off the handle often. I threw my phone across the room before. Needless to say, I killed it. I’ve thrown and broken many things.
These days, I prefer to channel my anger into more constructive things like writing, exercise and such. I always envision myself running up a mountain, standing on the top and screaming. I might do that someday soon.

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I don’t get outrageously angry anymore, but when I do I feel sort of light-headed, l and my voice starts quivering. I can also feel my eyes grow cold and my face muscles get tight. When I feel like that, I know I’m going to get loud and unpleasant, so usually I just back off and go off by myself to cool down.

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@Austinlad: Great descriptive!

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I give myself a time-out, before I do something I will regret later.

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It takes a lot to get me riled up, but I can usually feel it getting there because I’ll shake. It’s a feature a lot of my family has along with bottling up a lot of emotions. When I do go nuclear it’s usually not pretty. I have been known to toss things, get a little destructive and generally grumble and mumble a lot. Thankfully I am a non-violent person :P. I don’t yell a lot, in fact I often sound very calm even when I’m ready to put my fist through a wall lol.
Like I said though, it doesn’t happen often. For a red-head I have a very long fuse thanks to years of practice at keeping it down, just don’t be there when it finally hits the keg lol.

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Oh! Sometime I am so mad I cry… Has that happen to anyone? I can’t control that. I think it is a girl thing truly.

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Take a deep breath, count to 10, and repeat until I have my emotions under control.

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I tend to get emotional.

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I try to figure out what I need to do to channel the energy to a good outcome.

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How strange, I’ve been really angry for a few days and my immediate wants have been to get the dog groomed, the house cleaned (by someone else), take myself to the salon and then go clothes shopping for my bf.

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Depends on who I’m angry at @Frenchfry. If it’s hubby, I usually tell him to bite my butt. I have been known to throw things but got tired of having to clean my mess. It takes a lot to really get me angry. I will floor someone who makes fun of a mentally challenged person.

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I don’t get really angry anymore either, it’s maturity and some measure of enlightenment. lol

I usually swear a little under my breath and then get grounded again.

I did have a tantrum a few weeks ago, all by myself, struggling with a kinked hose and smacked it against the fencepost in my corral. haha

Had to laugh out loud, ya know, fighting with inanimate objects is always a lose/lose situation. Yep, just succeeded in having a kinked hose and now a broken nozzle, so it kinks AND sprays me in the face.

Brilliant move! haha

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@Coloma Good Lord! Girl. That is funny. It sometimes curse at the cork when it does not want to corperate with me .

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How’d ya know..I just uncorked a good bottle of champagne! lol

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OMG! So did I and the dam thing broke . I was cursing. Half the cork came out and the other stayed.LOL CHEERS! White Merlot here,

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Cheers! Local Goldhill champagne here!

Mine was a smooth as silk popping. lol

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I try to isolate myself from the situation. I am not a very combative person to begin with and most of the time I am slow to anger but every now and then someone will just hit the wrong button in an instant. That’s where I try to get away from the person/situation as fast as I can before I would do something I would regret.

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