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What is your favorite breed of dog or cat?

Asked by gravity (3116points) August 14th, 2010

What characteristics do you love about this breed?

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I love Australia Sheepdog ( aussies). I had one . He was beautiful dog, One blue eye and one brown.

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I love Beagles, they are so cute. I had one when I was little, and I guess it’s their overall personality that wins me over.

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Dog : Well I have to say Border Collie. I mean our one year old Penny, she’d be mortified if I said any other. They are extremely intelligent & incredibly loving…well at least she is anyway. Yay for Penny!!
Cat : Stuffed & mounted!! I hate cats, there I said it.

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It’s a toss-up between Great Danes and Labradors.

I love Great Danes because of their big, goofy look, and the fact they even though they are so big, they are really gentle and laid back. I love Labradors because they get so excited over certain activities (playing fetch, going for a walk, etc.) and because they are extremely loyal and loving.

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I’m not really that familiar with cat breeds; I suppose American Shorthair is my favorite, specifically a black one.

Don’t really care about dogs. I prefer the non-mauling type. ;)

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Cat: Siamese and Burmese. They’re loyal,affectionate,and more active. On the contrary,I hate Persians,they’re lazy,less oriented cats.

Dog: Chinese Crested,Bedlington terrier,Pekingese,Toy poodle,etc. I love smaller dogs,especially unique breeds.

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My favorite dog would be a Pug. They’re just so weird! They’re very fun and never fail to make me laugh and smile!

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I don’t know much about cats but my favorite dog is the Bichon frise. They are Very dependent and Love people. They are also beautiful, 10–15 lb of white curls full-grown, very affectionate and good watchdogs. They do not shed. You will not find one dog hair anywhere. They are not exactly lapdogs but if you happen to be sitting in a chair that has room for them to jump up and be on your lap they often will and just sit there sometimes licking you.
For instance, if I’m in my office chair they won’t try and get on me. But if I am in a recliner they usually want to jump up.

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I know nothing about cat breeds. My favourite breed of dog is Labrador, because they’re loyal, smart and gentle.

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I love any dog, but my favorite types of dogs are:Akita,Sarloose wolfhound,Shiba Inu, And Husky. I love akita’s since I have one and I love her sooooo much, Wolfhound since they look like wolves and it’s my other half, Shiba inu smaller version of Akita and husky they also look like wolves (in my view) and they live out in the cold.

For cats. I love Cats, just I don’t love any specific breed, but I do love them.

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I have a german shepherd great dane mix.. He is probably my two favorite breeds. He is protective, but a big push over ;) (he is afraid of cats haha) Also they are like giant lap dogs that totally adore there owner and I love that when an animal adores its “human”

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I am not a dog fan in general but I absolutely adore dachshunds.

On the other hand, I love all cats but ragdolls and munchkins are my favorites.

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Bassett Hound, Newfoundland

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I don’t have a dog right now, but I have two new Siamese kitties I adopted after my old Himmy mix died in May.

They are a bluepoint longhair ( colorpoint ) and a Torti-point, male and female respectively.

My old guy was a Sealpoint.

I LOVE the Siamese and Himmy mixes ( not the flat faced types )

They are intelligent, affectionate, personality plus cats!

I have had other ‘regular’ cats that I have loved too of course, but I am a lover of the Siamese types.

As far as dogs go, I love the hound breeds, used to have a big crazy coonhound. lol
I prefer short coated breeds like hounds, and also like German Shepherds ( my other dog once upon a time.)

But…next to cats geese are my favorite animals! :-)

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I have a big ol’ soft spot in my heart for all dogs and cats and have loved and enjoyed many breeds and mixes indiscriminately. All have their own idiosyncrasies, but if I had to pick a favorite I’d have to go with Russian Blue for cats and Italian Greyhound or Whippet for dogs, each breed finely represented by my Jennifer (RIP), Spencer (a blue fawn that just turned five years old) and Tara Lynn (RIP), respectively.
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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I prefer mixed breeds. I’m more into individual personalities than specific dog types.

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My favourite breeds of dog are German Shepherds and Rottweillers. My older dog is a cross of these two breeds. I also had a Shepherd/Boxer cross.

I like the temperament of both breeds (smart, loyal, gentle).

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I recommend cross breeds for many reasons.

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If all dogs were like my pure bred German Shepherd, I’d have to say that breed. But they aren’t all like her. There is no other dog like that one…..

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I absolutely love Havanese Bichons. They are smaller dogs, intelligent and hysterical. They don’t really have enemies, they love being around people.
(I may be biased, though! I love dogs- all dogs.) ;0)

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Cat: Maine Coon

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I would have to say that my favorite breed of dog is probably a mut. I’m not particularly fond of pure breeds. They don’t live very long and the process that they go through to keep them pure kind of unnatural. My last dog was a mutt we narrowed our guesses on her breed types to be: Doberman, Labrador, and Greyhound. She had a very dobby head and intlligence, then she looks much like a lab in her coat color and mannerisms, she also had the very deep chest and narrow waist that a greyhound does. (I also like to save dogs when i can, so i get them from the pound usually and they don’t often pedigree pound pups.

Cats on the other hand, i’m not to particular. I’ve only had short hairs. My current cats are Tortoise Shell breeds. Not pure but that’s what they most resemble. I like short haired cats. My brother just got a trio of Bengals which are sooooo cute.

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I’ve always had mongrel cats and dogs. They don’t cost a fortune and they make great companions. The SPCA is loaded with them begging to adopted into a loving home. It is so sad that most of them have to be put to sleep.

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One of my two Siamese came from the shelter, the torti-point, she was estimated to be 10 months old and was already spayed when she was brought in as a stray.

She cost me $75

The male is a gorgeous blue pont and he was a Craigslist givaway, they thought he was lonely and didn’t have enough time for him. He is a knockout in looks and personality.

I had the female for about 3 weeks before I adopted the male and they took to each other right off, ...he was the exact same age within the month.

The shelters have lots of purebred and near purebred animals, at least in my area.

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I prefer dogs with intelligence more than trainability and those capable of having a thought process. Looks has nothing to do with it for me, although I do value agility. Which brings me to my 2 favorite breeds, akitas and bouvier des flandres. Neither is easy to train but both are so smart, almost too smart sometimes.

Of course now I have a dingo cross and honestly she is amazing. I am constantly putting her to little tests where she has to reason her way to an end and she never fails to confound with her solutions. Not always the solution I have in mind but always a solution.

Look at my avatar and you will see both, plus my little brown dog who is actually a killer in disguise. And she is clever but not overly intelligent, too much terrier bull & bravado in her overriding the intelligence.

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Jindo Dog

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Yellow Lab. :) Because I love my cuddle-monster. ♥

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