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How do you upload pictures onto fb from a t-mobile phone?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16751points) August 14th, 2010

So when I first got the phone it was easy. But then it changed, and I had to sign up for an app that sent me a code. But after uploading two pictures, it wanted me to ‘earn points’ by ‘inviting friends’ or paying for points. what??? my daughter uploaded the photos by opening fb on the phone itself and uploading them. They briefly appeared and then, poof! they were gone? what the hell? Does anybody know anything about how to do this?

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What phone is it?

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Sign up on a computer for mobile text updates on face book. follow the instructions then text the picture to the number it gives you

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On fb, top RH corner, click on Account, then Account Settings

Choose the Mobile tab

Click on “Go to Facebook Mobile” on the right

There’s various choices there, but the one I use is on the right, the Upload via Email, as you can send picture messages to an email address. It should show you a personalised email address for your account there. Save it as a contact on your phone, and picture message it.

(Note that you may want to edit the picture when you next got properly online, as it can often come out rotated incorrectly, depending on how you held the phone when you took the picture.)

Obviously, do be aware that this costs a picture message rate to do each time :)

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its a samsung gravity 2. im trying it now thanks evabody

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