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Where can I buy a walking stick like Poiroit's ?

Asked by victord66 (201points) August 14th, 2010

I would like to buy a walking stick like the one used by Daid Suchet in Poirot. Not the one with the telescope – it’s easily available, but the other one, with the silver duck bill (well it looks like a duck’s bill). Any suggestions? Thanks.

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A Google search turned up THIS
and there are probably other sites, too.

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Yes, thanks. I already have that one. Looking for the “other” famous walking stick.

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I would also like to purchase a replica Poirot Swan walking stick… has anyone come up with a site where this can be purchased?

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I have yet to find one EXACTLY like Poirot’s, however I have found a decent look-alike that, with the liberal application of some silver paint, could do. I found it at and it is called a “swany cane”. The actual head is supposedly wood, but bears a striking resemblance to the silver one that Poirot carries. I think it runs about $50.

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CORRECTION: I just tried to buy the walking stick from and after I checked out I received a message that it had been discontinued. I then went onto eBay, where the same thing was being advertised and bid on it, paid for it, and later was sent an email (from the SAME PERSON) that that item (all 3 of them) have been discontinued. Funny thing is the one on eBay cost about $10 more than the one from – even though it turns out they were the same place!!!

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I’ve found on that looks like a darn close replica (in silver) at Royal Canes (, unfortunately it shows as being on backorder.

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yes i have found in exact replica in sterling silver at $179 at ; the websiteis the name is

Sterling Silver Swan Walking Stick with Black Beechwood Shaft and Collar

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