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Fluther jellies on Facebook, if you want to connect with others jellies via Facebook, add your Facebook ID here. Anyone interested?

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Mine is easy. Steven Birkeland. My evil twin in NYC is on there as well, Steven Mathew Birkeland

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None of the links work on my phone, so I was just lazy and put my name.

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My Facebook name is Michelle Linet Tillman.

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You can find me here.

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I’d be happy to have people drop in on me. Just send a note so’s I know you’re not spam.

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I’m reluctant because I’m pretty open about myself on my facebook and I like being able to give my “anonymous” answers here but… Fuck it.

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@rooeytoo Your link just links to my FB home page. =/

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And to mine too.

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@rooeytoo when you copy the URL, go to the tab on your facebook page that says “profile” first. That will give you the link to your page, rather than a generic one that will take us to our own. :)

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Here is mine. Please put your screenname in the box – I’m trying to avoid IRL stalkers. ^_^

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Holy galloping porkchops – ten minutes, 37 friend requests. Why wasn’t I this popular in high school?

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Here’s mine. Please mention Fluther so I know who you are.

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I think they took the personal message box off Facebook friend requests, and you don’t have a link to send a message.

The avatar of the little boy playing air-guitar is me. ^_^

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Thanks @Seek_Kolinahr. I forgot that only friends can send me messages (changed it). ^_^ Your little boy is adorable!

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@Seaofclouds makes a good point. If you wish to have messages from people that are sending a request, you have make sure that non-friends can send messages.

I forgot all about that. :)

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I just sent requests to the first two people and both I was able to add a message to the request. The third (@Facade), it wasn’t an option (and neither was sending a message). So maybe the option doesn’t show up on friend requests when the person only accepts messages from friends.

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@Seaofclouds I’m pretty sure the preference is related to whether or not you can add a note. I’m not 100%, but I do think so.

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Silly me, does this work better?

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@rooeytoo Yes, request sent. :-)

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I’m scared to put my link. If I do, do I get something? Like a cupcake? Or a bunny with a pancake on its head?

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@Vunessuh <hands behind back> Pick a hand!

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Right hand.

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Thanks for the friend requests, my darlings. I’ve been able to identify most of you who added me.

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@jjmah I truly chuckled out loud (COL?) when I opened your link . . .

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@jjmah haha, brilliant.

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Yay! That is exactly what I wanted!! :)
Please tell me who you are in that little friend request message thingamabob. Many thanks.

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^^ she’s stunning!

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Thank you. That’s sweet. :)

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Here I am!

I hope that worked. Like others have said, let me know who you are please!

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You can find me here. :)

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