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Do you like overcrowded site or less crowded site?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8215points) August 14th, 2010

In overcrowded site we won’t be able to know each users since they’re too many of them but they provide vast,unlimited,and more contribution through many ways. In less crowded site we’ll know each other well but it lacks the quantity,type,and variation of contribution.

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I’m voting on the less crowded site. It seems more intimate and close knit. I feel Fluther is a less crowded site and I enjoy the information and knowledge I have received and almost knowing what to expect from most of the jellies. Lots of information some laid back conversation and fun from a great group of people.

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Less crowded is what I prefer for the reasons articulated by @AmWiser .

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Yeah. I agree.

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Less crowded for me. I like to know people a bit, well alot.

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Sometimes I like more crowded websites because you can just say what you want. I feel in less crowded and smaller websites what you say will be taken to the grave so to speak.As well as it has been pointed out maybe you can’t ask for opinions easily as you already know a many of the people’s stance the subject.

In the end less crowded but I also like the more anonymousness feel of bigger sites.

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Members of overcrowded sites tend to have a strict “ask question, get answer” personality. However, a less crowded site usually only discusses topics instead of simply answer questions. Fluther is in the middle, so it’s a stretch to base it as an example of one or the other.

I personally prefer a crowded site for any technical questions I have. I don’t really care how humorous the answer is or any extra information I get, because I’m looking for just the answer.

If I ask a somewhat general question like “What’s the difference between applied and general concentration of physics majors?”, I would love any extra information I receive. Also, I would like to receive answers from people I trust in the online community. In this case, a small population is a plus.

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Less crowed site is which I prefer.

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Less crowded is which I prefer to over -crowded.

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On any site you get to know your crowd eventually. It really doesn’t matter. There are already far too many people on fluther for me to keep up. Every day I see a new name (new to me) and they have 2000 lurve or something. Where did they come from? How could I have missed them? How can you get 2k lurve without showing up on at least one question I’ve commented on?

But I have my peeps here, and I have my peeps on other sites that are even more crowded. I’m good.

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I agree with @AmWiser. I really like the feel of the less crowded sites.

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I 100% prefer a less crowded site. :] However, I know a lot of other people would really enjoy Fluther or other sites I’m on, so I try not to be too sad when lots of people begin to join. (After all, I’m a newbie on these forums, and I don’t know anyone here. But I still enjoy being a part of this place.)

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I really prefer somewhere in the middle. The plus side of a bigger site is that you can usually disappear in the crowd enough to be more or less anonymous, and it makes it easier to be honest and express unpopular opinions. They’re also usually more active. But there’s also something to be said for a smaller site where you can get to know everybody and feel like you’re a part of a more close-knit community. Plus, bigger sites often tend to have a severe issue of quantity over quality.

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