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Would it offend you if I was Michael Jackson for Halloween?

Asked by deni (22665points) August 14th, 2010

Well, my boyfriend and I, and another close friend, a few more people are planning this for Halloween this year. We all want to be Michael Jackson, and in the best way possible, but we all want to be a different stage. For example, my boyfriend wants to be Beat It Michael, I want to be Billie Jean Michael, another friend wants to be Young Michael (because how much fun would wearing obnoxiously patterned bell-bottoms and vests be?) and we also figure someone will be Michael in his somewhat later days, like during Smooth Criminal or, even better yet, Bad. I think this is a fucking awesome idea, my boyfriend thinks it would be too much for us to use some face paint though. I think, if this costume is going to be good, that, frankly, it WONT be good if i just look like a straight up white girl. It would be like being a clown and not wearing face paint. He thinks it will be offensive, or could possibly be offensive, at least. But…we’re doing this with no negative intentions whatsoever in mind and I feel like if someone wants to be offended by this, that is a little ridiculous. Anyhow…before I start buying all kinds of sequined shit, I figured I’d get the collectives opinion on this.

So if you saw me walking down the street on Halloween with my exposed skin painted brown and a bomb ass sequined outfit on complete with top hat, would it seriously bother you?

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To me personally I would not find it offensive. I’d probably find it downright funny though. I think it’s a great idea just keep in mind that some people are not so open minded lol.
Halloween is a holiday designed to be someone or something completely different from who you are, so I don’t see how having a well planned thought out costume theme such as this could be taken as offensive on a holiday designed specifically for this kind of creative thinking.
I’d say go for it and have a ton of fun!

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Great idea! Dressing up like anybody you want, especially someone you admire, is what Halloween should be about. Have fun!

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I would laugh. Kudos to you for that great plan!

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I love the idea. Go for it!

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One of my friends and I dressed up as Jehova’s Witnesses last Halloween. I might have gotten lucky, but it didn’t offend anyone. If that doesn’t offend people, Michael Jackson shouldn’t.

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Don’t forget the glove. And practice moonwalking. Awesome idea!

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As the Micheal Jackson from Thriller, Zombie-style… I don’t see how this could be offensive to anyone… well, besides Bubbles ofcourse :)

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Get your hands on some liquid latex or “Scar Stuff”, and alter your nose accordingly.

I think it’s a great idea. ^_^

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YES. you are all so accepting and wonderful. My personal opinion of the situation is exactly what @Austinlad said. It’s the point of Halloween. Yay!

Now to learn to moonwalk!!!!!!

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No way! I would find it funny!

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I love the idea…...forget the painted face.

as MJ would say “It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white”

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You sure think ahead. The last time I went to a Halloween party in costume, I went as a dirty old man, I put on an old suit and had a ancient man face mask. Actually it was great, I went through the crowd and felt girls bottoms and since I was in character no one took offense. I also discovered a Ghost that was wearing only a sheet. She spent time sitting on my lap, discussing “things”, at least until my wife arrived.

I wouldn’t do the Thriller Jackson, though, it’s been done too often.

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@Ron_C i agree, Thriller Jackson isn’t very original. And it’s really not one of my favorite songs or videos or outfits so. its out!

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I think she should be “Hang The Baby Off the Balcony” Jack-O. That would be classic. And it gives you a prop to play with.

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WELL thats a possiblity…someone could be that version but I’m sooo excited about all the sequins AND the glove and the moonwalking…

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@Seek_Kolinahr too creepy, even for Halloween. I really hate to see things where kid can get hurt.

Poor Michael, that’s what happens when you grow up in an abusive family then get too much money and people hanging around telling you how great you are while sucking up your money.

Happened to Elvis too.

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@Ron_C yeah, i just rewatched that TV special from 2005? with Martin Bashur (?) and Michael Jackson….it is so, so, so, so, so sad.

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