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Do you think Christopher Hitchens deserves to die?

Asked by mammal (9431points) August 14th, 2010

He’s a big boy, he can take it.

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@mammal Could you elaborate please?

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as a non-believer and all, is he reaping the consequences of his actions?

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Whether he deserves to die or not is irrelevant. Everybody dies. Some sooner, some later.
Sooner especially if you smoke like a chimney and drink like a russian.

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@ragingloli i can’t believe the hitch is going to depart…

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He knew the medical risks of excessive smoking and drinking and accepted them fully. He has no doubt accepted his fate and does not need anyone’s sympathy.
He is not dying because he is an atheist, but because he poisoned himself with neuro- and cytotoxins.

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@ragingloli sure, i guess, but he was old school :(

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Christian Hitchens is one of the most inspirational writers and speakers that I have ever read or heard. The world will be a much poor place without him. Except for the drinking and smoking, he has lived a full and meaningful life. I hope that he recovers and lives for a hundred more years.

I will bet that when he is on his deathbed that he will not whine for a priest or minister but I bet that there are a lot of evangelical type that will say that he did.

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No more and no less than anyone else.

You don’t actually think some deity is petty enough to punish a non-believer, do you?

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Did he rape or murder someone, or deliberately ruin someone’s life? Those are the only circumstances under which I would think someone “deserves” to die.

Are his life choices going to result in an earlier death that he’d have had if he practiced a healthy lifestyle? Most likely.

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Does anybody else find this question offensive? I’m not sure why, but I do.

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Something wrong with hoping that a stranger with differing beliefs will die? I have the urge to bomb Osama Bin Laden all the time.

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Deserves to die? He hasn’t done anything to prove to me that he deserves death on a shorter timeline. I expect him to die soon, unfortunately, given his current state of health.
It is my wish that he, and people like him, live long lives. But I don’t have control over that.

@RocketGuy I wish ill of bin Ladin as well. but not because he is Muslim, but rather, because he is an extremist, a leader of a terrorist organization, and his organization has lead to the death of thousands. But that’s just my reason, I’m not sure if you have a different one.

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WAT? no absolutely not- but he is a risk taker. I hope he continues to live and write.

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Of course not. Death isn’t something that Christopher Hitchens “deserves”. It’s something that is inevitable for all of us. It happens. You might as well ask: “Do you think we all deserve to die”? Or.. “Do you think we all deserve to absorb nutrients”?
Was Jesus reaping the consequences of his absurd claims when he was killed? As he was being crucified, was Jesus being punished for threatening “unbelievers” with eternal torture?
Was he being punished for not believing in the real “god”?

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He was going to die anyway, just like you and I will on some day we know not when.

As long as he doesn’t waste any more time being interviewed by idiotic motormouth gits from the online version of Atlantic Magazine who won’t let him finish a sentence before spouting off their own questionable wit and wisdom, like he was last week, I think he’ll cope. He seemed pretty upset that it’s coming soon.

Apparently, the 92nd Street Y in NYC has him scheduled for a talk on 7 October. It sold out immediately. I hope he makes that far. I think I can forgive him saying that women aren’t funny in Vanity Fair in 2007. He hadn’t met me yet, and he never will, poor thing.

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absolutely not. christopher hitchens is a genius. if he deserves to die, why should you live?

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No one deserves to die, especially not someone who has contributed as much as he has.

@Rarebear I find this question offensive too.

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Everybody dies, sooner or later whether one “deserves” it or not. His time will come, same as yours and mine.

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He’s dying of the same thing his father died of. I think it has more to do with inherited likelihood and bringing it on early by smoking and drinking. I think someone who calls themselves a Christian and then prays for the death of an atheist is two things that Mr. Hitchens will never be. The worst of the two, of course: being a hypocrite.

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Even polemicists got a right to live. Mature societies can handle a few polemicists.

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Impressive man. Cancer is random. What the man says has nothing to do with his disease—and his thoughts do not make him more or less “deserving” to die.

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