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Could the collective help me name my blog?

Asked by MoxieGal (358points) August 14th, 2010

I’d like to start a blog that speaks to the herpes positive community but I’m having a hard time coming up with a good name. I’d like something fun and upbeat without being offensive. Any ideas? Some brainstorming would really be helpful. Thank you!

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God’s French Tickler ? :)

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The Simplex Monologues

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@Dr_Lawrence – Very nice

@Erulin – Ummmmmm…

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Shingletown. (also, the name of where I am retiring)

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The beginning of life as we know it


Loving with herpes

Herpes Helper


Herpes Positive

Life with Herpes

The Consummate Herpes Blog

late 14c., from L. herpes “a spreading skin eruption,” from Gk. herpes, the name for the disease shingles, lit. “creeping,” from herpein “to creep” (cognate with L. serpere “to creep”).

Creeping along

Creeping faster

Creeper Positive

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“Staying Positive”

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Thanks for the feedback so far, it is helping me get the creative juices flowing.

I would like to add a bit more information to help with the brainstorming process.

1. The name for the blog will effect the name of the domain.
2. The main purpose of the blog will be to inform people about herpes research, treatment options, where to find support, share news relating to herpes topics, offer opinions, share stories, etc.

One sticking point I’m having is that I’m not sure if I want the word ‘herpes’ in the domain name or not. hmm.

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Update – thanks for everyone’s feedback on this. I’ve picked a name and registered it. :) I should be able to have fun with it and I’m already sketching out the graphics and picking the color scheme. I’ve decided to name it HerpesGirl – “Fighting herpes myths and stigmas before bedtime!” Whoooosh…. giggle Hey, the topic is depressing enough, might as well lighten the mood. :)

Side note: there’s a website and movie called “Herpes Boy”, maybe Herpes Girl will see some link love due to the buzz around the movie… who knows.

Again, thank you to everyone who chimed in.

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