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I have always wondered how it is to be a famous person?

Asked by vagg (23points) August 14th, 2010

Does the constant attention you get gives you a kick or is it tiring to always be stared upon when going for such things as your daily groceries.

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I feel very overwhelm by popularity. I have to adjust. Give me time.

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I am not famous myself, not a celebrity, but i imagine it must be a pain in the ass to always be followed and asked for autographs by total strangers.
Even though those strangers probably like and/or admire me, i think i couldn’t get used to it.
Although, in the beginning it might be pretty flattering to get a lot of attention.
Maybe people who seek fame, can cope with fame?

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I imagine it would be a bit fun at first, but would get very tiresome after a short while.

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In this 1996 interview with Siskel and Ebert, which I heard on NPR yesterday, one of them talked about how Michael Caine described that experience very vividly when he was a young star making his first visit to the U.S. It was probably toward the end of the hour-long program because I heard it while on my way to an appointment at the top of the hour. If you wanted to listen to their story, you’d probably get your answer.

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I was joking about that popularity. But if I was. I would never forget where i came from or where I was. Some people do.

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I wouldn’t fair well being a famous person. As it is now I don’t think I measure up to the attention I get now as a commoner.

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@Frenchfry Can I have your autograph???!!!
Well, when you’re popular you get to get away with being a jerk and doing things that would get anyone else thrown in jail.

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I wonder if anyone on here is famous… and just posing as a regular Joe. hmmm

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@Jeruba Yah. No more porn shops if you’re famous, eh? Poor guy.

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That’s what he said, @wundayatta: even in a place where nobody makes eye contact, you get called out. And you have to watch yourself everywhere you go, because even though you don’t know them, they know you, and if you’re not polite in an elevator or you’re rude when someone asks for an autograph, it’s going to be reported in the press. Everything you do and everything you say is under a huge magnifying glass.

I have experienced a small taste of celebrity through being an influential figure in certain organizations, and I disliked the experience almost from the first moment. I know some people seek those positions for the attention, but I was actually interested in fulfilling the responsibilities and didn’t want the attention. Having people treat me in a special way and come seeking my attention because I was “somebody” was very distasteful to me. I understood right away why so many celebrities choose one another’s company and run away from crowds.

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