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How many languages can you speak?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26784points) August 14th, 2010

How many languages can you speak and where did you learn to speak them?

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English and French

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English- parents/school/tv….first language
American Sign Language: college, members of the Deaf community
Spanish- Highschool all four years
(some) Mina ( language of Togo Africa)- My best friend and her family are from Togo
(some) Thai: coworker from Thailand
(Some) Somali: friends, coworkers

I try to learn a little bit of as many languages as possible. I think culture is a great thing, and I find languages extremely fascinating.

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I speak native English, fluent Japanese, and enough French and German to get into trouble..

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I can speak my native language, my neighbor’s to the west language, to the east, and to the south, and a little Greek.
So, three and a half.
English and German i was taught at school but i learned to speak them when on holidays in Europe whenever i met with English and or Germans.
The little Greek i know, i learned it in Greece of all places….

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Only English, but I can also sign.

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English, some Spanish and Cantonese

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Spanish, English, pretty good Italian, pretty rusty German.

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> English (Scottish; native speaker, 3 dialects)

> French (8 years at school + 2 at uni – I used to be B2, but I’ve not spoken or worked on my French for more than 10 years)

> Japanese – (B1 w/ A2 and B2 elements, 6 years. My wife is Japanese; her English is pretty poor)

> Spanish (A2, three months) – because I studied Latin for 8 years at school, I find Spanish pretty straightforward.

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- Bahasa = My national language.
– Chinese(Tiong hoa tribe) = Parents. Most Chinese people in my country are from Tiong hoa lineage/tribe. The other minority are from Mandarin and Cantonese tribes.
– Mandarin = Parents (Dad’s family are Mandarin people).
– Cantonese = Parents (Mom’s family are Cantonese people).
– English = I study English myself,and I also took several English classes while I was a child.

I can only write in Bahasa and English.

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My native language is English, but at a young age my father had me learn Spanish, so I fluent in that. I’ve picked up a few Russian phrases that would probably get me killed at a club ( I have a Russian friend). I learned a bit of creol from my great grandmother when I was little.

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English – totally fluent.
French – can read better than speak
German – can count to 20, and know some words and phrases.
Spanish – I have Sesame Street Spanish. I can count to 10 and say a few words.

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I can speak and write English and French. I can eavesdrop in German and Hebrew and speak them enough to get myself into trouble but certainly not out.

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French and English.

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I’m fluent in English. I can somewhat speak Spanish—I took a couple college classes in it, but my skills have rusted since then, and I’m much better at reading it than listening/speaking. And I’ve picked up a little bit of Japanese from spending way too much time watching subtitled anime.

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I speak English. I can talk a little in German.. I took that in high school

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English, French and German from childhood. I can make myself understood in Arabic, Urdu and Tagalog (Philippino), learned those in the Army. I can read and write fairly good Latin, from school.

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English, and I can sign the alphabet and several (mostly useless) words in ASL. I mean, how often am I going to need to sign “queen” or “ketchup”? I know probably 15 words in French, and fewer than that in Spanish. I suck.

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I’m trying to learn Ebonics, Gangsta and words ending in izzle,
so I can have “Street Cred”. . .

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I am so envious… And, impressed.

I speak English. That’s about it.

You all are cool!

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english, spanish

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Io Capisco un po L’italiano.
Ablo Espanol muin bien.
Portugais e a minha lingua materna.
Fluent in English
Je suis bilingue en Francais
meveena me’at eevreet – (i understand a bit of hebrew.)

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