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Why can't Chinese people visit the USA?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) August 14th, 2010

I have been told that it is the US gov’t, and NOT the Chinese gov’t for worry that they won’t return…

But are there wrinkles? Would I be able to bring/organize a group of students to come visit on a tour?

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I was in China a couple of years ago and our tour guide told us that it is very difficult for the people of China to get their governments approval to visit the US. He indicated that only a very few rich educated were allowed to travel to the US.

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Yes, they can.

There is a pretty lengthy interview process involved before they can get a visa, though, and they may be rejected.

Read This

And, according to this, some people inthe GuvMint are trying to make it easier for Chinese tourists to visit.

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My company has an office in China. Periodically, members of our Chinese team visit us in the United States.

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no,it just becomes increasingly difficult for Chinese to be granted a US visa..

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I have been on probably a 100 flights to and from China. Many times I was one of only a few westerners on the flight. I never noticed them having a problem coming here.

Some of our customers send teams over for final acceptance for equipment they order.

By the way, we have beaten out Chinese firms for equipment orders in China. The only real issue is when you mix in multi-national corporations, they always expect special deals and considerations.

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same reason as why Americans can’t visit Cuba, except i kind of expect that behaviour from a Communist country.

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There are a lot of people from China around here…Never heard of it being a problem.

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@mammal it’s the US government that doesn’t allow US citizens to go to Cuba, not the Cuban government. Most US citizens travel to Cuba from Canada or Mexico or the Cuban authorities don’t stamp their passports so they don’t get in trouble when they go back to the US.

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The US won’t let people from countries next door to them visit (the US Mexican border is the most heavily guarded in the world) so why would they want to let people from further a field in.

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I understand that Chinese people can attain visas through a lengthy interview process, but there is often $$ or luck involved. The US gov’t is afraid they will never return and therefore need to prove during the interview that they have ample reason to…proof if you will.

So my questions is more along the lines of would it be possible to bring a group of Chinese students to the US on a tour for a month or so….?

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@JonnyCeltics every time I go to China on business, I need to by a Visa from the Chinese embassy. It costs about $100, my company pays so I lose track of the price.

I will say that Americans going to China get very little harassment. Chinese entering the U.S. get much more than they deserve. I confronted a boarder agent that was very disrespectful to a old Chinese guy. I reminded the agent that the guy was a guest and there is no reason to treat an obviously harmless guest in that way. I don’t care much for the border clerks at the airports.

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