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A real life job that uses trigonometry function?

Asked by Jaybee (220points) March 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

Can someone give me an example of a real life job that uses trigonometry?

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Programming. I use trig quite often for graphical and spacial purposes.

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Missle technology

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What kinds of job titles would these jobs carry?

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Janatorial services. If a 75lb child vomits with 20ft/lbs of force onto the cafeteria’s lanolium, how much mop water is nessecary to clean it all up.

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@okc405, that is just basic algebra. Now, if you knew the angle the vomit exited the child…

Structural, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering all require trig on a regular basis.

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Maths Teacher

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Figuring out the height of massively large trees requires trig functions. When I’m in the rainforest I can’t accurately measure the height of large trees without trig. I have to use a laser rangefinder from afar and get the distance from me to the top of the tree at some angle. Then I get the distance from me to the base of the tree. From that I can get the height of the tree using trig functions.

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Surveyor. Lawyer, occasionally.

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