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Do parents drill twins to be alike in every way or would it have developed that way anyhow?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) August 14th, 2010

What do you think about people who dress their identical twins the same like a pair of bookends? I have seen this often and it is like the twins from toddlerdom are made to choose their attire as a team and not as individuals. And a lot of twins who act as a team, two haves that make a whole, creating their own language or finishing each other’s sentences. Do they do that because they genetically are so similar or is it conditioned into them in the growing process by society and parents that kind of expect twins to be part of a whole and not two individuals. Around town there were two Hispanic ladies you never seen with a man or alone for that matter, they had to be late 20s or early 30s and you always seen them dress, and style their hair exactly alike. I wonder if it was something they chose to do or continue to do, or it was something drilled into them all their lives since they were children that they could not break?

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Twins are actually genetically disposed to be similar to one another in a lot of aspects. In fact, twins that are reared apart in different enviroments still show very similar characteristics personality-wise, and in other ways as well.

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I’ve known twins who have grown up a like and yet ended up being nothing a like when older. I think some are just geared that way and others fight to have their own idenity.

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Identical twins share the same genetic code. Studies of pairs that were separated at birth reveal that they are amazingly alike. Such studies are used to separate what about each of us is due to nature, and what is due to nurture. Here’s an NPR article on such a study.

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As a stepmother to twins that were not dressed identically, etc…. I’d have to say that I believe they are hardwired to some degree.

The best example (and the one that I use most often), is when they were younger and would fall asleep in the back seat of the car. If I were to watch them, 9 times out of 10 one would move, and the other would move at the same time and in the same way. It’s as though there is this constant, unspoken line of communication between them.

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Identical twins need no drilling.

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@TheOnlyNeffie As a stepmother to twins that were not dressed identically, etc…. I’d have to say that I believe they are hardwired to some degree. Dressing them different did they naturally gravitate to wanting to dress alike like carbon copies of themselves or bristle at being dressed not alike? Or because you made no big deal about them dressing like book ends they never tripped on it?


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I agree with @TheOnlyNeffie. I’ve known a few pairs of twins. There’s a deeper connection that’s fascinating.

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I have two sets of twins in my family. One set are girls (fraternal) and the other set are boys (identical). The girls although born fraternal were actually identical in looks and personality. As babies, their mother would dress them differently and as they got older and began dressing themselves, they would dress alike. D (their mom) had them separated in school they’d often switch classes or go together to the same class. They refused to be separated. If one should get hurt be it mentally or physically the other knows and often times feels it. I am not sure how it is now that they are older. Wait! Last week we had some pictures taken together and they both had worn the same colors, Black. <grin>

Now, my nephews are the complete opposite. They are completely different in all ways.
Go Figure…

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@Hypocrisy_Central they enjoy being individuals, but there is also a degree of dependency on one another. They each like their own things, of course, they have always been individual people and had independent tastes. Up to this point I have seen no signs that they want to be more alike or less alike… they are pretty content with who they are. That may change, hard to say.

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I have twin nephews. They are fraternal not identical twins. They have their differences, yet they are very much alike.

Identical twins, who are formed from the same egg, are biologically identical.

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Don’t you know about the highly secret twin school out in the Iowa desert? They drop them down in missile silos and don’t let them come out until they talk and behave exactly the same. This is when they are babies, of course. After that experience…. shudder….

The parents also get twin parent bootcamp somewhere near the North Pole. It’s very cold up there in case you didn’t know. Very cold. Like tongue sticking on metal cold. Anyhow, they have a hidden mall up there and parents learn to buy two of everything, and then dress dolls the same way. If they make a mistake, they get electric shocks from tasers studded in the ceiling.

Anyway, thank your lucky stars you don’t have twins. And triplets? You don’t even want to know.

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@Hypocrisy_Central You need to read @mattbrowne’s book. I hope he answers this – he has twins.

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@wundayatta The truth is out there.

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I’ve known a pair of identical twins who needed no drilling to be completely alike, down to the shared language that no-one else understood. I also knew another pair of identical twins who ended up so un-identical you couldn’t even tell they were brothers any more.

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I’ve know a few sets of identical twins and also fraternal twins- they are wired differently no matter if parents are actively trying to match them up or find ways to individualize them. Twins do their own thing from the inside out.

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