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Advice for a beach in Mexico?

Asked by Flavio (1111points) August 14th, 2010

I am planning a week-long vacation to Mexico. I want to start with 4 days in Mexico city and then have 2–3 days in a quiet, non-built up beach. It does not have to be deserted and so remote that I would have to pitch a tent. I also want something pretty convenient to travel from Mexico City (flight/bus). Also, I much prefer a calmer beach where I can swim, sleep on the sand, run in the morning to a beach with a lot of waves and surfers. Except for snorkeling, I don’t do water sports. Thoughts?

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Hi Flavio-
I don’t want to burst your bubble, but quiet desolate beaches in Mexico can be dangerous these days. American tourists are being targeted for robberies, kidnappings and murder, partly as a challenge to the government by drug gangs. I’m a very seasoned traveler and I don’t scare easily; I’ve traveled to quite a few 3rd world countries and I speak fluent Spanish but I’d be reluctant to take the trip you describe now. 10 years ago it was much safer, but today I’d feel like I have a target painted on my back. IF you’re set on Mexico, at least stick to the popular beaches. You’ll notice guards with machine guns at the perimeter, they’re there for a reason.

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Isla des Mujeres meets all of your needs.

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Banditos are still in existance in Mexico. did you know that Mexico City is the most polluted city on the face of the earth? i would avoid Mexico City. also, i would never go to a deserted beach in Mexico. only a beach that has security guards that stand on the sand and stand in the water. thieves are abundant in Mexico and you will be a target. been there, done that..twice.

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Quick clarification;
@GeorgeGee I am looking for an in-between beach. I don’t want something with buildings lining the sand, but I also don’t want to pitch a tent. Just somewhere quiet, low key where I can relax without any time planning.

@john65pennington I hear you about the dangers in Mexico. I am from Sao Paulo, so I have confidence in my reflexes and common sense.

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Be careful but here are some options. One is a little more commercial and the other is more remote. Both should be fairly safe. Ixtapa Zihuatanejo. Give this Link a look. I think you would like it.

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As @marinelife said, Isla des Mujeres is perfect. I’ve been there and loved it.

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Try Sayulita – a small town/beach not far from Puerto Vallarta.

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Skip Mexico City, It’s over-crowded, polluted, and crime ridden. Instead, fly in to Cancun and then take the ferry to Isla Mujeres. It’s a tiny island that has an old-world, small town feel – no cars, but you can rent scooters to get around the island. The beaches are uncrowded and you can lay in a hammock at the bar on the beach to watch the sunset. There’s even a topless beach at one end for the European tourists. From the island, you can take junkets out to the reef for snorkeling and diving, or go the Bird Island wildlife preserve. It’s also easy to take the ferry into Cancun and catch a bus for a day trip to Tulum and Chichin Itza.

If you’re interested, pm me and I can upload some photos from my trips for you.

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@missingbite thanks for the advice. I got the same hint from a close friend. Just bought the ticket.

@syz I am really excited about the DF. I like large cities and I am looking forward to the archeological museum, the murals, and trotsky’s house.

@everyone_else. thanks for you advice on all the other beaches. I will leave these as reasons to return to mexico on future vacations.

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I am from mexico, and well “in – beetween” beaches are REALLY dangerous at these days, specially in the north of the country, i am from monterrey, a really really beautiful city but now its too dangerous :C, but isla mujeres sounds great for what you ar looking ; DON’T skip mexico city, it is one of the most beautifuil cities of the world, and it isn’t that dangerous, there are many sure areas, just ask in your hotel or somewhere what to avoid and try use hotel taxis, avoid public transportation, avoid places like “tepito, garibaldi, iztapalalco and ixtacalco”, but places in the center like angel de la independencia, are sure… do not miss teotihuacan (pyramids) they are really beautiful :)

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