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Is there one event that has given you the most joy in your life?

Asked by AC (833points) August 15th, 2010

I was just thinking about the concept of significant events in people’s lives and got interested in whether we all have one singular happening that we can look back on as bringing us the most joy, or whether retrospectively we make the decision based on a set of circumstances over time.

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I think Gay Pride, is that what you mean by events?
Like something big happening for example – concert?


The birth of my children.

Hearing my kids say “I love you Daddy” for the very first time.

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My wedding to Meghan, 10 November 1999.

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Can I have more than one event?
1. My marriage to my SO
2. The birth of my wonderful daughter
3. Sharing my home with two gorgeous dogs

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Definitely discovering that my soulmate was right in front of my eyes. I loved every moment with him, even though we never dated. I wish I took the freakin’ chance when I had it, but I was stupid. I was and still am a stupid girl for that. :/

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The happiest event of my life so far, was the formal meeting of my current boyfriend. But I know and I can feel that soon, the happiest event is going to be when he asks for my hand in marriage. I dream of that day.

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The birth of my boyz. My life would not be the same without them! Unimaginable.

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The day when I was in 4th grade my Mom rented a trumpet for me to learn to play in the school band. My my entire life suddenly changed for the better on that day. I had been struggling badly but that old beat up trumpet set me on a course of success in life.

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Undoubtably, the birth of my sons.

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Getting married.

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I want to say my marriage or the birth of my kids, but the truth is the graduation of my son from High School.
These days so many kids are not graduating, and I felt a huge responsablity for all my kids to do it. When he got that diploma, I felt so much stress drop away! The relief was unimaginable.

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The birth of my son.
Marrying my husband.
Becoming a nurse.

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Making peace with my Mom.

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@Thesexier By event I just mean happening, i.e. an event in time as opposed to an organised event, like for example a concert – although the experience of said concert could be the moment in time for you.

I think Gay pride would cover both anyway :)

@jjmah – that is powerful in so few words.

If I’m honest I’m struggling to define one single occurrence that would come out on top, so those with a mini list that’s fine.

Some landmarks for me are:

1. My wonderful boys being born.
2. Performing on stage in a large city theatre in Poland.
3. I’m currently going through a not so easy divorce, so the day my boys independently said they wanted to spend at least half the time living with me. That really saved my world from caving in.

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I would say it was the birth of my daughter as well,

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@filmfann Oh yes I know exactly what you mean. That is another moment of joy for me also.
We felt such pride on that day.
To see your children achieving is wonderful.

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The birth of my two oldest children and when we brought home my youngest. (We adopted her. She was just two days old.)

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The annual summer roadtrips with my grandfather. We’d drive from California to Colorado, stopping along the way to sightsee, fish, picnic, visit family historical sites and scattered older relatives. Once I got into my teens then he let me do the driving which was even more fun to me.

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@Neizvestnaya Now that sounds like a happy time.

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Interesting question and if I am understanding what you are asking correctly then my answer would be that I think most people when looking back on their life have a few big things that standout in their minds when considering what brings them joy. But I think that collectively a lot of small, forgettable, happy experiences in life is what make us truly joyful/happy, not a few singular events. Just like a few unhappy events don’t necessarily mean you have a unhappy life.

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Giving birth to my daughter, and getting a divorce!

I think the divorce, by far, was the most joyful moment of life! lol

I’m still high as a kite on my freedom after almost 8 years!

The gift that keeps on giving! hahaha

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My Divorce :-)

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Meeting my partner on

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