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What do you call your cat when nobody else is around?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4925points) August 15th, 2010

Do you have nicknames, pet names, insults for your cat? or do you just call your cat by its proper name?

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Her name is Twinnie (officially it’s Antonia), but i call her Pinnie and when my girlfriend is here we call her Pinniemas and Pinniemaster.

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My cat’s name is Ankhsenpaaten. I call her “PooPoo”. Shameful compared to her given name ;)

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I’m going to kick myself for admitting this publicly. I have the most ridiculous nicknames for my cats. And their names are silly enough on their own.

Mr Schmee (Yes, like the sidekick from Peter Pan) I refer to as Schmool or Schmoodle doodle. it’s okay, you can laugh.

Boo (who I got when I was trick or treating many years ago) I call The Abbles.

Max is Maximus Yoda.

I’m a huge goober when no one is looking. Sometimes even when people are looking. ;)

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Junior: Owl-eyed nut, homeboy, Boy-O
Jingles: mostly unprintable stuff
Zoey: Babygirl, Sweetie, Beautiful, Honeygirl
Tooka: Crazy Boy, Nut

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Pretty Boy. Sometimes Kitz.

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Stinky Cat, Monkey, Dunky Monky, Asshole

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My best friend has a cat, and her name is Peaches. When nobody is around, I call her stripper kitty.

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My cat answered to ‘Fido’. I would have preferred a dog.

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Ooops. Two of mine are birds, not cats.

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My cats’ names are Ulthar, Sarnath, Kadath, and Hatheg-kla – all named after locations in H.P. Lovecraft stories.

Ulthar is “cat”, and the others are “babies”. That’s it.

I really don’t like cats enough to have four of them. Well, that’s what happens when you’re a bleeding heart for sick strays. * sigh *

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My cat’s name was Koshka. I called it “Cat.” ;-)

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His name is Franklin. When others are around I call him Frank, Frankie-Frank or Frankie.

When it’s just him and I (sometimes my g/f is there), I call him: Bumpers, Seussie, Grimace or Phyllis.

My sister calls him Frakenfurter.

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I got two cats. The Siamese one is “Honey”,and the stray one is “Anna”.

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It doesn’t matter what a cat’s name is, I usually just say “Hey there lil key-key”, as I go in to pet it. I’m a dork.

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Oh God….so many, I have to remind myself to use their real names once or twice a day. lol

My old guy that died in May, Gadwicke ( silent ‘e’ ) I called ‘madman’ ‘scruffy man’ and would sing this stupid little ditty, ’ scruffy man, puffy man, little huffy, tuffy man.’ hahahaha

The new cats Mia & Gizzi already had nicknames morphing in the first few weeks I had them.

Mia is ’ Mia honey’ ’ funny’ ‘funny honey’ ’ mimi’ ‘meemers’ and ’ meem.’
Gizzi is ’ Giz the whiz’ just ’ Wiz’ and ‘hot whiz’...yeah, I know….lololol

My geese ’ Marwyn’ and ’ Sonora’ are ’ Mark-o-ween,’ ‘darling’ pronounced and drawn out as ’ darleeeeeeen’ another variation is ’ Darlini’, just plain ’ Mark’ and ‘Sonora’ is ’ Fenora’
’ Seenora’ and ’ Feekanora.’

Alright…I am fully aware that I have lost all respect within this realm now. hahaha

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this thread was extremely amusing. AND endearing.

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Hey, my little polar bear.

Our cat is almost completely white.

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Booger; becomes Boogie, Boogs, and/or any other variant. . .

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My little BooBabyBunBun. I am ashamed.

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If we’re able to toss dogs into the mix, my wee pouch is named Rudy.


Boo Bear
Bear Cub
Lady Bubba (shoot me now)

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I don’t have a cat.I have a dog . I have called the dog lazy ass. She will lay around like a lump and not get out of the way. If she does move she moans. She is old though.

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My biggest one is a Maine Coon, and when I’m getting really sick of his litterbox, I call him Sir Craps-a-lot. But all the other names I’ll say in front of other people.

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Sasha is Masha, Squasha, Matschka, or Kitty. And Frasier is Puppy (despite the fact that he is, indeed, a cat), Stinky Butt, Mr. Poopy, Fras, or just Stinky.

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Little pooper. For when he’s being bad.

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Prince Bolifur. Special little guy. Chuff face. Mr. Specialpants. Professor Snugglechuff. Chuffosaurus Rex. Pluff-face. Chuff-ball. Lord Nanaki. WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE.

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Oh, I forgot. Junior is also “buddy.” So often, it’s almost a second name. Even Zoey will call him Buddy sometimes.

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Oh, I forgot too, I used to also call Gadwicke ‘Milkman’, because he liked a little milk now and then.

It was really me saying, ’ want some milk, man.’ The rest is history,

My daughter thought it was creepy!

Said ‘The Milkman’ sounded like a horror movie character. lolol

And, also, I call Marwyn ’ Squeeny.’ because he makes squeeny sounds when he drinks…never mind. :-/

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My cat Ibanez that passed recently (after 19 great years) was IB, ibakitty, kittywitty, mewers, kittykittykittyCAT. My wife’s cat sophie is sofaloaf, sophers, fatty, fat-ass, fuzzball, fluffanutter, and, you little son of a… My kitten Sylvester is, Vester, keekee, Sylvia, Smelly cat, stinky but, and Indiana Jones, because in the cat box he digs like he is looking for a lost treasure. He digs for sooo long, and gets all the way to the bottom of the litter, almost 5 inches. The good thing is that he also buries “stuff”, so we are not suffering from stinky stuff.

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@AstroChuck That is just plain sick

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Every loved critter earns lots of names and they are not just used in private—-
Jilly is Jillycat, Jillita, Lita, La Lita, Babe chick, Baby girl, Princess, Princess Lita, Dollink, Dolinki, Baby love, La babe, Beauty queen, Her Royal Highness, Stinky cat, Bad girl, Bunnygirl, Love bunny,Mooch Queen, Buzzy-bug Catcher, peeper, Fartgirl, and many, many more:

when her brother died we read his names over his grave they were
Jacky * Jacquito
Quito * Babito
Boy-o * Ba-a-a-by boy
Bad boy * Boychik
Chicolito * Chick-child
Babechick * Chicolito
Jack-bug * Bug
Buglet * Quitobug
Lovebug * Lovelito
Dollink * Dolinki
Himself * Prince Jacky
Me-boy-o * Jackiboo
Boo-boo * Jacky long nose
Jacky-radio * Dude
Radio dude * Jack-in-the-box
Jacky Proud Tail * King Jacky

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@anartist Reminds me of Old Possum’s Book.

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@janbb missed that one but t.s. eliot on cats looks worth checking out.
@AstroChuck I called Jacky that too . . .

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@mrentropy our cats share a few nicknames [boy-o, baby girl]

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LOL…damn woman, you’ve outdone me, and I even held back a little. hahaha

I was just at the back door calling in Mia ( who was IN the house the whole time..:-/ )

It is sooo quiet out here and I feel like my voice echos for miles…I wonder if my neighbors 5 acres up and the ones 5 acres down can hear me. I don’t think I’ll ever ask. lololol

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