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What sound system would you recommend for an HD television?

Asked by flutherother (29253points) August 15th, 2010

Flatscreen high definition TV’s may give a great picture but poor sound quality. An external sound system is the answer but which one would you recommend.

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The best you can afford and one that doesn’t take over your room. Even just a powered subwoofer alone can make a monster difference in your sound experience. Go to a Best buy and test drive the systems they have and again what sounds great there may not sound as good at your home. Find a qualified s ales associate who really knows how to compare what you have and your room to what they have for sale!

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You need to know the layout/sq.ft. of the room where your TV is, where the TV is placed in the room, how high he ceiling is, etc. Unless you have an airplane hangar for a viewing room, a decent Onkyo or Denon home theater set-up will probably be fine. For mine, I got separate components: a Pioneer receiver, a Yamaha 5-disc changer that I could tweak to go all-region, KLM speakers. My viewing room isn’t very big, so I didn’t go nuts. I’d love to update the whole lot, but as it is, it works fine.

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Cheers! thanks for the feedback. I’m going to look for a system that can play my MP3’s and radio as well.

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