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Which toothbrush for you......manual or electric?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) August 15th, 2010

Different strokes for different folks and this includes a persons choice of an electric toothbrush or brushing manually. Wife uses an electric toothbrush and is satisfied with its results. I am a manual toothbrush user. Is there really a difference, other than the batteries? Which do you prefer and why?

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My sister gave me an electric toothbrush a couple of years ago. There didn’t seem to be any benefit, so I got rid of it. It’s one less item that requires batteries.

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I have an oral B one.

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It’s electric! Boogie-woogie-woogie!

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I use a basic regular toothbrush. The electric ones make me feel like took a razor blade and cut my mouth, and it kind of hurts my teeth.

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Aprlsimnel…..boogie, woogie, woogie??

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There’s a dance called the Electric Slide that’s danced at a lot of weddings, John. Has a silly pop song to go with it, and the lyrics in the chorus go, “It’s electric! Boogie-woogie-woogie!” Here’s a sample of kids dancing it with their teachers in Brooklyn.

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Okay, i have learned something today. thanks.

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My husband and I both have a Sonicare toothbrush. They are rechargeable, so there isn’t any cost of replacing batteries.

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We use manual but electric with my daughter, It helped her want to brush her teeth. @aprilsimnel That’s cute.

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I got an electric one, with a recharger, but as there’s nowhere in the bathroom to plug it in I had to keep it in the bedroom, and that annoyed me no end. I used it for maybe a week before reverting back to an ordinary one.

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I have both because my teeth get bored with just one ;)

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Fluther, my dear Fluther, have we sunk to so low as to be discussing brushing teeth? Oh, I am so sorry. (manual).

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