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How can multiple Mac OS X users play TF2 without installing the game on every account?

Asked by vekteur (107points) August 15th, 2010

I have Team Fortress 2 and other Steam games installed on Mac. Can another user of the computer play the game on a different user account without re-downloading and installing every game?

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This is one of Steam’s weaknesses. A less-than-perfect solution from the Steam Forum follows:

Move the Folder of steam in ~/Library/Application\ Support/ to the new location (ie. /Applications/Steam).

Then run ”ln -s /Volumes/FireWireDisk/Applications.firewire/Steam ~/Applications/Steam\ Support/Steam” in Terminal. Replace ~/Applications/Steam with the path which you moved the files.

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It looks like Vortico has the best while less than ideal solution. Just a tip if you go this route.

In the Terminal you can drag and drop folders into the window and it will fill in the path for you. That helps with typos. (I always screw up paths when I type them)

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Thanks! What would be the code to undo everything if I chose to move everything back to the original location?

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Here I make a symbolic link from my screenshots folder in my user account. The symbolic link points to a link called “shots” on my Desktop.

You just rm symbolic link in the terminal to delete it.

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@johnpowell OMG, you can do drag folders to Terminal?!? Haha, I never knew that.

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@Vortico :: It changed my life once I discovered it. Now I use the Terminal a lot more.

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