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Why is my puppy so tired? Heart Condition?

Asked by Enforcer (281points) August 15th, 2010

I have a puppy which I think is a shepherd (or at least mixed with one). It is < 6 months old but gets very tired very quickly. After a few tosses of a ball she will be panting very hard and her heart is racing, so she lies down to recover. Even with a simple walk she has to lie down to take a break. I can tell she wants to be active but just dosn’t have the physical stamina to do it. This is not normal for such a young pup. I feel really bad for her.

What could it be? I was told by the vet that she may have a heart murmur. Would this cause it? If so will she grow out of it

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What did the vet tell you to do about it? He/she will know more than random internet strangers.

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The vet didn’t seem to know. The puppy was really young at the time. I am about to take her to another vet, but I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with a puppy exhibiting these symptoms.

I have found nothing linking heart murmers to lack of energy, except they can be caused by anemia.

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If you can afford it, try a cardiac specialist. Yes, they exist. My cat has a heart condition and sees a cardiac specialist once a year. I would definitely try another vet.

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Definitely get a second opinion. Poor puppy. Let us know what happens.

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I am in no way trying to diagnose your dog, but one of my dogs acted like that, very tired after small walks, etc, and one vet said she had bronchitis. I got a second opinion and she had a mass in her throat. This is just to point out to you that you absolutely need a second opinion.

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Is the puppy perhaps overfed or overweight?

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Nope. Healthy size and weight. He sleeps a lot.

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Is your puppy drinking enough water? Is it hot where you are? Does she have a long coat or is she a short hair dog.
Maybe heat exhaustion is the problem. Check for a temperature change when your dog is outside running about.
She could also be sleeping because she is bored. I know when my dog goes out in the heat (small dog) he overheats quickly. I will touch him and if he seems to lathargic or is panting heavily, I will give him a cool bath. He quickly recovers and jets around the place like I fed him jet fuel. LOL
See if a cool shower works for yours.

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I don’t understand your vet saying your puppy “may have” a heart murmur; either she hears one or she doesn’t. It’s time to find a more experienced vet.

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sometimes the heart doesn’t murmur regularly, and then the vet could guess. a heart murmur could be the cause

I definately agree with everyone that you should get a second oppion as soon as possible. Perhaps with the second oppinion take the dog outside and run it around a bit so that it gets the symptoms again and have the vet examine the dog while it’s in the state that ur asking questions about.

it could be any number of things: bronchitis, heart murmur, diabetes, heat, etc. keep brining her to the vet and see if you can stimulate the reaction while you’re there then the doctor can really check the dog out.

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Hmm, that is strange. Well, my puppy slept a ton the first week or two, but that’s because she was a little baby and they need their sleep. :] I know doctors do exercise tests to diagnose people, maybe the vet could try something similar? I would definitely ask your vet about this one.

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My dog would faint for a few moments if she got too excited, she had heart failure. This started when she was older, but some breeds are predisposed. If she has a heart murmur, it’s entirely possible she’s just getting tired and needs a moment. Get a second opinion if you’re concerned.

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