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How to fall asleep (at an unusual time)?

Asked by Fyrius (14542points) August 15th, 2010

Context: I’m trying to change my 8-straight-hours-at-night sleeping pattern to a 20-minute-siesta and 6-hours-at-night sleeping pattern, as part of a polyphasic sleep experiment project for potential time saving and curiosity.
In other words, my sleeping issues are completely self-inflicted and deliberate.

However, falling asleep at daytime is hard. Any tips on how to make it easier?

Tricks I’m aware of and using:
– Make a habit of it
– Use the curtains, darkening the room
– Alcohol
– Warm milk
– Follow usual before-bed procedures (brushing teeth, putting on pyjamas, etc)
– Relax muscles, use meditation to shut down motor functions
– Relaxing music (this might actually have an adverse effect)
– Use waking hours on tiring things

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How about smoking Hash? (srsly)
You live in the netherlands, you know…

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Read a book.
I watch the history channel. That usually does it.

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Are you old enough for a cocktail? Have one of those? Alcohol makes me sleepy. I am not talking about five just one or two.

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No thanks.

Does reading really help, or does it just take your mind off things when you can’t sleep?
I’ll try reading a bit just before my siesta is scheduled. I’ll see if it helps. Thanks either way.
Alcohol is already on the list. :) I don’t know what cocktails are like, but I have a glass of Baileys before I turn in. It seems to be the one alcoholic drink I can stand.

(Maybe it’s a sort of hypocrisy to be willing to use alcohol but not hash. But I try to use as few potentially addictive things as I can.)

(Except flash games.)

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Never could sleep any other time, other than night time.

This may help: antihistimine. i take one 25 mg. tablet before bedtime. it may work for you at other times. give it a try. buy the cheap brand at WalMart. it works just as good as the more expensive brands and saves you money.

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@Fyrius I think it does. Especially the bible . Trying reading that.. No offense to very religious people . It is a big snoozer. It don’t take your mind of things…. Right when you get to the begots. Who begots you you’ll fall asleep.

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Alcohol is a bad idea for sleeping. Even though it initially makes most people sleepy, you do not get a good rest. A quick google search will show that all the results are negative.

If I were to try your method, I would force myself to wake up exactly after 6 hours and make sure the nap does not go for too long. If you oversleep either one by a little bit, you will not be tired enough to fall asleep the next time you want to!

Or you could try this!

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I am so lucky, I can fall asleep (or doze) anytime I want. I simply close my eyes, and choose to sleep (or doze).

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@fyrius. Could you maybe talk to your doctor and get a sleep aid prescribed to you? If you tell him/her what you’re after he/she maybe able to make other suggestions.
Or you could try getting up earlier than usual and staying awake until you’re really tired, then take your nap for 20 minutes. Those five hour energy shots help me wake up about 75% of the time.
It would help to know when you plan to take the nap and the hours you plan to sleep….

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@Fyrius Ironically I can only sleep during the day/morning so giving you advice from personal experience in this department what hellped me the most was a darkened/shaded room with a fan running (or even an air conditioner if its warm enough) to shield any outside noise. I would avoid sugar/caffeine products as much as possible on top of this until you get used to sleeping at that time. You only want to sleep for a short time during the day (unlike me) but maybe this will help anyway.

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Thanks, everyone. :)

I’ll keep your alcohol comments in mind. Thanks, I didn’t know that.
18-hour sleep cycles won’t actually save time if you still sleep for 8 hours straight. I don’t have a sleep disorder, I just want to see how much time I can save. :)

In anticipation of being expected to work 9 to 5 in the near future, my nap is scheduled at 17:00. My night sleep is now somewhere between 0:00 to 10:00, so the siesta is nicely in the middle of my waking hours.
Hopefully I’ll be able to turn in at 02:00 and wake up at 08:00 eventually.

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Copy that.

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I always tell my wife that I sleep fine because my conscience is clear, she hates that!

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