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How do you deal with fur?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) August 15th, 2010

I’ve had pets my entire life, so fur is a regular part of my daily routine.

I don’t know if it is that the summer has been exceptionally warm, or what, but the fur is taking over my house this year. I am a very tidy person, I clean pretty much daily. However, the fur is EVERYWHERE. I can’t get ahead of it. I’ve tried masking tape, lint rollers, damp paper towels, shop vacs and sweepers.

Any creative ideas?

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This question should be directed to my dog Mikey, a border collie. he has fur that’s about 4 inches long. for the past three weeks the temperature here has averaged around 95 to 100 each day. needless to say, his time to go outside to do his business, is very short. he always has that “doggie smell”, so he expects to be hit with Febreeze. he may be shedding. its normal.

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I find that the sticky lint rollers do the best job (after a vacuum).

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Brushing the animal regularly will decrease shedding. Other than that, I have given up the fight. I have a lint roller in the house and one in my car. I also use this fur remover thingy for furniture whenever the fur starts accumulating. Fretting about it will not change anything. Just accept that if you have pets you have to deal with fur.

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The Pet Hair Magnet is the best thing I’ve ever used. Use it like a squeegee on the couch, carpet, bed, etc, then just pick up or vacuum up the fur. This thing changed my life, I swear on my (not actually dead) mother’s grave.

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My dog gets a buzz cut during the warm months but he’s a Pom so he has a different fur than other dogs. We have had sucess using chamois cloths to rub over the fabric furniture and also once used tie on washable furniture covers when he was a puppy. The moist chamois though works really good to roll hair but also rub out light dirt.

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Brushing is the trick.They love it too or atleast when I had a aussie…. My dog now has short hair. I get it but not as bad. Go to Petco or somewhere where they specalize in pet..They will have all the do dads that help and good advice.

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I love those sticky rollers that @jjmah mentioned. Brushing our Persians daily keeps the fur problem to a minimum. Besides, they love to be brushed, they fight over who goes first.

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Every so often, my dogs get to go in the backyard and get a visit from Mr. Vacuum. They love it.

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I use the Scotch Lint Brush for pet hair and it seems to be much stronger than the others. I also once ordered Sticky Sheets and they’re just like huge pieces of tape – worked alright. I am very allergic to cats and since they sleep on my bed, the duvet is always covered in hair. It drives me nuts!!!
Please let me know which one of these works best!!

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Mostly, I deal with it by blotting up an occasional hairball, thank you very much Sy. Otherwise, I just have to fur-get about it.

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I am up to my eyeballs in fur over here too! lol

The new siamese twins are in & out constantly, and even though I shaved the fluffy guy his coat has already grown out quite a bit since July 1. I also contend with ‘Mountain Misery’ up here, horrible little plants that are everywhere in the woods that have clusters of tiny burrs on them. They are making my life with the fluffy guy miserable, true to their name.

Even though he is shaved he has very fine, bunny like fur and they stick to him like velcro.

The female has a coarser coat and they just brush off or come off easily with a quick slicker comb.

I comb them both multiple times a day if I am at home, but before they come in for the night is a must do task.

I vacuum a lot, hand pick the stickers off my carpeting and use the Scotch fur thingy with the nappy stick on sheets on my furniture. My couch is a micro fiber beige so no issue, but…foolish me, I bought BLACK velvet cordeuroy chairs last year, of course these are where the fluffy sticker cat likes to sleep. lol

The way I truly cope is to call in Merry Maids for a major cleaning every other month.

This season is so time consuming with the daily maintainance of these guys.

I love them dearly but they have increased my work load by about 50%.

Always the trade offs. lol

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I gave up. I pretty much just wear the fur.

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Put the animals outside

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Dyson vacuum model designed for pets. It gets almost all pet hair or fur off anything!

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Nom, Nom, Nom.

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Brush, brush, brush. If you can, buy a vacuum pet brush attachment, or use a glove brush.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities very cool.
And what is Mr. Vaccuum’s other name? Dust Buster?

@john65pennington You Febreeze your dog?
I’m shocked.

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