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Why are some used games cheaper than other used games?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) August 15th, 2010

Specifically, why are two of the same used games usually different prices?

Last week I bought Halo 3 for $11.99. It was sitting next to two other copies of Halo 3, both selling for $17.99, one of which was in worse condition than the $11.99. I’ve played through most of the content with no trouble at all, and there’s no scratches on the disc. It had the manual, the the ads they throw in the box, everything basically.

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It’s probably because the game’s price was lowered from 17.99 to 11.99, and some of the store clerks simply overlooked the changing of price tags. Used games move in and out of those stores so quickly that it would be very difficult to keep up with all of the pricing changes. I imagine if you were to take a $17.99 copy up to the register, you’d find that it was $11.99, and just mis-labeled.

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The prices come from the computer to the label machines and change weekly. Also they are manually placed on and there are humans putting the information into the computers and inventory. Lots of chance for price differences to show.
Always watch the register price as it goes up on the screen and question it if you believe something may be a better price. It’s that human entering the facts into the machines thing again :-)

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The sticker price isn’t always the current price. sometimes they forget or haven’t gotten around to relabeling the titles. but the right price will always ring up correctly, so if an old game is near retail in price don’t be scared to ask.

Also some games have gold editions or game of the year editions or re-releases. Collectibility is a big factor in resale value.

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some are just classics and they hold their value.

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one reason is because some r in better condition than others.
usally the older the gamethe cheaper it is.
plus it depends on the popularity.if its more popular people r usally willing to pay a little more.

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