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Why do we seem to be more fearful of peace than of war?

Asked by zenele (8242points) August 15th, 2010

This video got me thinking.


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If we had no War we’d have no economy since thousands of young and middle age men/women are fighting for their lives to keep what’s left of our economy from completly going directly back to depression era days.And if the War ended all these men and women of valor will be comming home to more unemployment!Of which soup lines and suicides will increase dramatically along,w/our deficit.

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We’re a naturally conflicting species. Peace is not us,

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I think that people find it easier to distrust others and their intentions than to belief others mean them no harm and do not desire to deprive them of what they have and value.

To live in peace means to not insist on having control over what others do or might do.

When we insist on guarding against what others could or might do to us, however unlikely, then we build, accumulate and maintain the instruments and organizational structures of war.

We remain constantly vigilant to any and all possible threats from others and even make war to preempt such possibilities even when there is no factual basis to the perceived threat.

When we live with the constant expectation that others want to take away what we have, we structure our economies to invest huge proportions of our GNP to preparing for war.
We then fear the economic impact of giving up war as a major industry.

It comes down to what we really want and what we are prepared to do to live with peace and in peace instead of being at war or in constant preparation for war.

It takes more courage and determination to wage peace. Are you up to the challenge of it? Will you support it? Will you do want it takes? Will you help lead the way?

If you say no to any of these, then what are you supporting?

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T hink we’re more afraid peace than war since we have never truly experienced peace.We are a passive/aggressive country who will make up “WOMD” to creat hysteria through the masses just to get the public behind an insane idea that someone is out to wipe us out.Ever since the crusades and before more blood has been shed in the name of God than ever before!We as apeople’s I don’t beleive we could actually survive w/out a war to makes us feel comfortable especially in todays world to try to make out what we can’t understand.

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It depends on the trust in peace. Plus there are people who have no interest in peace such as Hamas or parties representing illegal fundamentalist settlers. Peace would not get them re-elected.

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