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Is there a cell phone that T-Mobile sells that does NOT do text messaging?

Asked by boettiger (123points) March 23rd, 2008

Looking for a phone that does NOT do text messaging that I can give to my daughter just so we can reach her. And yeah, I’ve looked at the ones for kids. She’s 16 and a bit old for one with a “Mommy” or “Daddy” button.. thx

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I was going to tell you about those phones, but I don’t think so, I think all their devises has sms capability, she 16 and she can work and for unlimited texts is only 15 extra a month she can work 1 day out of the week and pull that

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just disable the txt mssaging feature if you don’t want her to use it. One of the cheapest priced phones should be good.

@ okc405 – no offense, but I don’t think s/he asked for an opinion about the daughter getting a job or not.

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my friends little sister is that age, and she just got a phone that doesn’t text message. They have verizon, but that must mean there’s hope. But if not, I agree, you could just get a plan with no testing on it.

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@vanelokz: All teenagers must work, i want my burgers faster! lol

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I don’t work and im a teenager. You’re implying that all teenagers are good for is flipping burgers.

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i come from one of the poorest states in the country, low employment rates and salaries are garbage, im sorry for saying that a 16 yr old could earn 15/month to ofset the costs of texting, even if that was what the original poster had that issue in mind… since most teenagers don’t hae the appropriate education level nor experience most work minimum wage jobs if any, like yourself and i was joking about teenagers flipping burger, hence the lol… pshhh

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@okc405: It’s not the money. We have a tmobile family plan with unlimited texting. She’s sending inappropriate photos of herself to boys and they to her; and while I’m not going to pay to enable that to happen, we still need to reach her by telephone. Thus I need something that has texting and MMS off. Tmobile is unable to turn off text messaging for their users, so may need to look at the other carriers.

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Changing carriers may be your only option, like you said T-mo does not disable text messages, and they have been recently been smacked with a class action lawsuit for it because of willful refusal to disable unwanted messages so they can continue to charge users per text. Verizon and Sprint offer disabling for sure, and I’m pretty sure AT&T does as well.

If you really don’t want to change providers, you could always get a cheap camera-less “prepaid” phone at a walmart or something; or one off of ebay, and just simply switch the sim cards. She’ll still be able to send SMS, and if the phone is recent enough she’ll get MMS messages, but it’ll be impossible to send out MMS images of herself. And this won’t affect your contract at all.

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all you have to do is block texting. i know at&t does it.

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You might also want to ask on (perhaps a different) forum how hard it is to get around phones set to block texting. I know if I was 16 and a girl wanted to send me inappropriate photos, I would do at least that level of research to see if I couldn’t get around it. I’d be sure I’d win at least another inappropriate picture if I could geekily rescue her from her parent’s obstacle.
He’ll probably just give her a phone anyway though.
“Julie, why do you have twenty-seven cell phones in your backpack?”
Ahem. I know it’s a serious issue. I’m amused, but also trying to help you see the kids’ side and what they might get up to.
Oh, another thing that comes to mind is her peers might think she or her parents are lame for giving her a phone without texting.
And by the way, I’m not sympathetic to phones with texting or 16-year olds getting overly sexual and trashy. But I think one needs to look at what’s there and be open, honest, and find a way to make the situation work out well.

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yeah i’m pretty sure the only way around texting is if she got another phone, b/c the blocking is done by at&t
i don’t know what parents see is so bad about texting (besides the fact that the kids don’t have any damn self control and don’t know when and when not to use it…). in that case, let the kid have texting, but if she’s texting out the asshole then do something about it… you don’t necessarily have to block it or not even get it. test her. give her a chance to use it right.

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@ishotthesheriff and @zaku – Great thoughts – Thank you for them. Yeah, I forgot about someone giving her another phone… Sigh. Eh maybe we’ll just keep it for a month as penalty and then give it back to try it again… thx

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