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What was the last thing you cooked/baked?

Asked by zenele (8242points) August 15th, 2010

Easy recipe, please?


Single (hungry) parent here.

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Rising crust vegetarian pizza cooked in convection oven.

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Veg/barley soup

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Boiled eggs. Sorry, that’s all I got.

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Made Baked Ziti last night. I winged the recipe, but it was very similar to this one.

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Chicken breasts, an hour ago. I used my handy-dandy George Forman grille, and if I do say myself, the chicken was pretty darned good.

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Fried rice with fried eggs.

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Pork BBQ. Cooked pork roast, shredded. 1–2 Tbsps. cider vinegar. Diced onion, sauteed until soft.

Saute the onions. Add the vinegar and the shredded pork. Add ½ c. catsup, 1 Tbsp. worchestershire sauce, a dash of hot sauce, a couple of drops of liquid smoke (optional), and enough water to just cover the meat.

Simmer over medium low until the water cooks out and the sauce thickens. Serve over hamburger buns or bread.

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I just finished my dinner of quinoa with peas and summer squash…quinoa is pretty easy, just get a box of it and follow the directions, it takes about 10 minutes to cook. I add some seasonings, like a chicken bouillon cube or garlic salt and whatever veggies I have on hand, and it’s an easy, delicious, nutricious meal!

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Brownies, fudgy brownies.

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I baked some frozen breaded fish sticks about an hour ago…

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@zenele I presume you’ve eaten by now? If not, I did chicken breasts in a creamy black pepper sauce with basmati rice.

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Does a freezer pizza count?

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Fresh tomato sauce! Take a big pile of tomatoes, cut them in half, and squeeze the seeds out. Chop the tomatoes and put them in a big pot. Add chopped fresh basil, salt, and pepper to taste. Cook over medium heat until the tomatoes soften. Meanwhile, saute some chopped onion and garlic in a bit of olive oil until the onions are translucent. If you have green peppers and carrots, you can dice them and throw that in with the onions as well. Stir the onion mixture into the tomatoes, bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer for about two hours or until thickened. If you like your sauce chunky, leave it as-is. If you like it smoother, you can puree it in a food processor. I like to puree half of it, then add it back to the rest of the sauce so it isn’t too chunky or too smooth.

Great over pasta, especially with meatballs or Italian sausage! Easy, but time consuming, but you did ask what the last thing I cooked was, and that was it!

My favorite easy, kid-friendly dinner is breakfast: Homemade pancakes topped with cinnamon syrup and served with eggs and fresh fruit. All very easy! The cinnamon syrup in particular is wonderful and so easy to make. The only trick is to not boil it too long, or it will get kind of gloppy. Still tastes good, but has to be spread rather than poured. Not boiled long enough, and it doesn’t thicken. I usually leave the flour out.

Happy cooking!

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Easy chicken roast! I bought one of those pan things that you can use in the microwave, oven and stove top. So I cut up a chicken breast, browned it on stove top, after sauteing garlic, a chili and some onion in the pan first (in olive oil). Then took the chicken out and put it into a bowl. Then put all the veg in the frige into the pan, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, peas, a rutabaga and some pumpkin, put all that into the microwave and hit the fresh veg cooking button. When it was finished, I mixed the chicken back in, dumped a little more oil, salt and pepper on top and put it into the convection over at 200 for about 15 min. It was fantastic! Whole thing only took about a half hour and only 1 pan dirtied. YOu could have a salad with it if you wanted cold and crunchy or good bread if you want more carbs.

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Oatmeal.stop me now,for I am out of control ;)

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a failure of a cheesecake

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Chicken breasts stuffed with pesto.

It went over very well, although my son was complaining all the time I was pounding on the stale bread (making bread crumbs). He said he couldn’t concentrate on his math homework.

But they sure tasted nice and crispy when it was done.

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Frittata. I modified a recipe I found online, using a bunch of free eggs given to me by a client. It was good, and everyone said I should do it again. I’m still fine-tuning the recipe.

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@Jeruba I love frittata for using up leftovers. One favorite combination is pasta, sausage, and cheese. I’ve also made them using leftover antipasto, like roasted red peppers, prosciutto, basil, and fresh mozzarella. Great idea for quick and easy meal.

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Today was my son’s second birthday party.

We had pigs in a blanket (hot dogs wrapped in Crescent rolls and baked), a shrimp ring, my uber-easy taco dip (1 pkg cream cheese, 1 can black beans, drained, 1 can corn, drained, ½ jar of salsa. Melt it all together in the microwave. Eat with tortilla chips), honeydew melon, and some raw veggies and dip. Oh, and my awesome cupcakes.

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scrambled eggs with cheese—do you really need a recipe

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My brain/liver/self esteem.

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Kraft mac n cheese. (Spongebob shaped)

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I cook/bake my own food all the time. Homemade macaroni and cheese. @zenele recipe is top secret. Not Kraft mac n cheese either!

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Thanks everyone: those who supplied actual recipes – win. You may re-enter this post anytime.

@perspicacious No, thanks. I can make scrambled eggs and add some cheese. Unless you do it magically or use some exotic cheese?

@le_inferno See @Jabe73 ‘s post to make your mac and cheese even more exciting – home made!

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Chicken breast baked with cream of mushroom soup . I throw some chopped up diced onion and can of mushrooms in there. I make some homemade mash potatoes. and steam some fresh broccoli . That was dinner. Very good and filling.

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@zenele It is more like a combination of lasagna/macaroni & cheese. It is real good. I could post it 2morrow night if you like. I’m just not in the mood to type it 2night.

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Chicken pot pie, ask Marie Callander for the recipie.

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My husband found a fabulous sale on round roast beef, and I slavered baby food fruit mix all over it for a glaze, then laid it into a foil covered pan with a bed of onion slices, covered with a layer of minced garlic. After it baked in the oven at 350 degrees for an hour and a half, I added quartered potatoes and halved carrots to the pan, and cooked for another hour. Delicious.

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Puppy Chow. :] ♥

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saffron snow roast
in the crock pot after browning roast with worchestershire sauce in onions and mushrooms
1 can cream of mushroom
1 envelope liptons onions soup
beef broth
salt pepper
Use sliced water chestnuts, snow peas, carrots, broccoli, squash even limas

crock pot for 6 or 7 hours until tender

you could use bouquet garni from penzeys spice to compliment as well.

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Pork chops with peppers, onions and tomatoes. Slice whole pepper and onion, can of whole tomatoes, throw them all in the frying pan with the chops, simmer over low heat for 1½ to 2 hours. Season with salt, pepper, garlic, bouillon cubes, whatever. Serve with potatos. Mix whatever quantities you want.

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It looks like I won’t be able to send you that secret recipe since you are not on Fluther anymore. There is a new guy that looks just like you however.

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This popped up again, so I’m answering it again.

It’s a lovely Saturday morning, and I just made home-fries topped with sunny-side-up eggs and whole-wheat toast, and am now enjoying a nice cup of Hazelnut coffee.

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I’ll answer it again too. I made beef stew and biscuits.
I cooked some beef stew meat for hours. Threw in carrot, onion, peas, potatoes.
corn. Cook it for a few more hours then add a Mccormick Stew packet.
When it was thickened. I threw in some Pilsbury biscuits grands.
It was wonderful.

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@Frenchfry – that sounds great, I would have skipped the processed stuff in the stew packet and add my own spices but I love the biscuits at the end.

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